21 March 2021 and our store is tested and launched so it is a milestone in a lot of peoples lives. You find our webshop in various links on this page and in the left menu.

Make sure you subscribe since this place will be created so you can get ideas, gifts, encouragement, interior pieces and much more!!



I would like you to feel at home and relax in our store and the rest of enteranywhere.

You might wonder about our name and the three reasons for this is:

All the pictures for sale on this page in one way or another is taken by admin or the staff, and in order to capture the moments with the camera made us go practicly “anywhere”. The journeys and stories the trips have created makes us proud to present it to the whole world!! We do not want our pictures be stuck in a hard drive when they can serve people in decorating a home, office, room or just download a screen saver that makes life better.

Our pictures are made to be enjoyed!!!

The other reason is that we would love our pictures, designs and quotes to inspire, enlighten and make peoples lives better. In this respect it does happen that our products make people change their life and both do and go somewhere they have never dared to try before. Reading something inspiring multiple times will inspire you!!

Third I strongly believe that anyone can go anywhere with their life with consistensy and a goal so as thisĀ  page progresses I will keep customers and visitors updated on the progress and explain what I do so someone else can change their life.

10% of all profit will be donated to a mental health project, the first donation will be public Sept 15th and we are really hoping to make a change for someone!! Please help us help!

Enjoy your store and grab the chance of a great opening deal in March!!


Admin/ Hans Kr.

The amazing nature is ready for you room