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My 333

There is a story about someone that made 3 million USD in 3 hours on the third day. I need to make 600 000 USD in the same timeframe in order to flip my life around.


I have found a property that allows me to create a photo studio, birthday barn (a barn to rent out for birthdays) and other things that will bring joy to a lot of people. Not to say the least, my children of 6 and 8 years of age. They could finally have their own room and bring friends over. It would be the perfect property for a lot of people!!

I am working on a few solutions, among those a private auction of two vintage items about 160 years old.


Regardless of this I would be greatfull for any donations or other rock solid advice you might have in order to attain my goal.





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Financial development

Ok, so I did my finances the other day and there is no question about it.

Regarding this blog post, the number used may be completely wrong compared to your marked and money currency. However replace them with numbers and currency that will match your area of living.


This will have to change

And just like I started going to the gym it is time to enter a financial gym however this is something completely new in my life. Maybe it sounds strange however it is the facts and it is what goes. I have become Aware of the fact that my financial wisdom is about to drive everything into the ground.

Awareness is the first step to improving anything and I will not show you my numbers because it is simply to early in my internet career and it feels ackward if my neighbour looks at it.

I am no financial advisor and what you find in this post is the very basic in personal economy so feel free to google it and dig deeper if you want to. But I do believe in Gary Vee when he says “loosing weight is easy, eat less and do more”.

I like that simple approach. Money is most likely the same, but this is what I have to learn. In the simplest form financials will probably be “Earn more, spend less”. But I think that there are many ways to the goal and finding the proper way is essential. Is it complicated? Not likely, but it does require knowledge I do not have.


What is the truth? And how can I help you with the little knowledge I have?


Well, my debt is about half of my assets and this is good!! How I figured it out?

Everything you have that can turn into money if you sell it, minus your debt. 

My equation is fairly simple:

Farm + house + car+money in the bank – all debt = negative or positive number. If it is negative it will tell the story of someone going bankrupt since even if the person sold everything he/she would still not pay off all debt.


Farm              + House  + Car –     debt farm – debt hous – debt car

1000000 + 1000000 + 30000 -1 100 000-       1 000 000-     50 000 = -150 000

Example above, if everything was sold it would still be 150 000 short of covering everything.



Oposite example:

Farm Value     +   House value  + Car value       – Farm debt              –        House debt           – Car debt

1 500 000          +    2 000 000      +    30 000  –               500 000              –       1 000 000      –                 0               =  2 030 000


This tells us that if everything was sold, the seller would have 2 030 000 left over.


So if my assets are positive, what is the problem?

The problem will be income. It does not matter how much something is worth if a person or company can’t cover the monthly downpayment. It will eventurallly create a situation that will make the bank able to sell someones house. This is why someone can loose a 2 000 000 $ house when only having 300 000 in debt. A contract is broken and if worse comes to warse then someone may claim their money.

So what would be an easy way to calculate your situation?

Income minus expenses

Add up all you income of a month

Add up all your expenses for the month

Income minus expenses will give you the number.

If I make 30 000 after taxes and spend 35 000, then every month will be negative. For one or two months, or every now and then it may work out. However if it becomes an established habit then at some point it will lead to disaster. So if nothing else, do what you can to keep this number above zero INCLUDING saving and investing (Saving and investing is actually an expense until it creates income).



If I knew the answer this blog post would not have been written so it is obvious that this is something you should not learn from me YET!!

But I am sure this is the formula:








If you fill out your state next to each one, the one you do not have is the weakest link.

Myself as an example, what is your status on creating more income than expenses:

Awareness: I make less than I spend

Dream: (you will not know, but it is way more than 7 figures of assets)

Goal: Financially independent (My expenses payed for sure on a monthly basis)

Knowledge: I know how to make budget or statement however lack the knowledge of creating enough safe income)

Plan: None

Persistance: I sometimes do get distracted by other peoples opinion, use time as an excuse etc so it can really bee improved.


So in my case I will need a plan, and to make this plan I need knowledge, knowledge is in books or other people. I will try both.

I actually feel ashamed of the situation. My mom wants (and deserves) a new bathroom, my kids deserves a bigger house with separate bedrooms and I want the bigger house as well.

Not being able to pay for those things is bothering me and while those people are around me they deserve my knowledge and support.

My motivation is to show my kids that there is a way. My girlfriend is incredibly stuck in the past of growing up with a small house and short of money so I do not expect any support. So all this have to get done on my own,


Where do I find knowledge?

Youtube is information, and information is worthless without structure. It would be the same as getting all the books for a 3 years education delivered on your doorstep without any follow up. They would be junk.

BUT Youtube and social media is a great way to find the inspiration and people with knowledge and a lot of people have become successfull by taking information from social media and transfering into results. So it is a source, but sometimes a confusing one.

Tony Robins was interviewed on Youtube and the question was, do you think the content on the platform is useful? His answer was something like (forgot the exact words) “it is great however it is not structured”. Meaning that if someone deploys a course on a social media platform it may be viewed in random order versus if the same course was bought then it would also be organized and built in the correct order.

The other issue is that it is really hard sometimes to separate the real teachers from the once with only a rented Lamborghini in the driveway.

So I think my approach will be this:

This blog post will be shared on social media and work as a reversed job application. I will also pay more attention to opportunities in the everyday life, and turn this into a financial challenge. I will also get on social media and find inspiration and solutions.


Stay with me!!


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How did your past influence your preset?


It is a amazing how one happening in someone lives, or actually how someone reacts to a happening will change the path you are living. Very often it is happenings that creates a final result and something that cannot be reversed. Examples would be death of someone special, breaking something that is impossible to re-create, selling the family farm, becoming a parent and other situations that happen suddenly that can not be reversed.


Or the old fashion, crushed heart.


What I have found is that it is not what happens, it is how you react to what happens that will determine your future path.

Let me tell you the story.

I have always been the one to take charge and search for responsibility and really thrived when helping out in the ways possible. I was the spokesman for my class, organizing trips within and outside the country (before internet showed up), gathered money and worked extra at the school in because I loved the feeling. Life was really in the prime and felt like a freshly overhauled engine purring.

This was in great contrast of my previous years at school that contained being bullied, broken legs, feeling worthless and my biggest dream was to leave and never come back.

Now I was the go-to guy, extrovert, getting A’s and life really could not get better. However one day it did become even better. I got the girlfriend of my dreams and everything just became even better.

When was your time when you felt like everything was prepared in a great way? Think back to that point, even if it was only for a few minutes!!


But as you will find out it is a change in the story, but keep in mind that I never blamed anyone or disrespected their decision. I accept other peoples choices despite them being against my choices. I reacted in a stupid way, please follow along.


I was working a summer job and she came to visit, while I finished off my dirty and dusty work she sat in some dusty stairs with the most amazing dress and looked like diamond. I almost felt ashamed to not have a proper place for her to sit, but she tolerated it and the whole summer went by in the best way ever. We travelled, talked about the most personal stuff, laughed, cried, fixed cars and loved life.

Fall came along and this one time a stopped by it crashed. No explanation or warning. Just visiting as normal, conversation and BOOM I was dumped.

Needless to say, this was one of those times in life that happens without any warnings (that I figured out) and nothing I could have influenced. We still went to the same school and it was really tough.




It took me years, but as you read along please relate to it, most likely you had something happen that changed you (good or bad) without you really paying attention to it.


On the way home this day I was a mess of feelings and for some reason my reaction flipped my life upside down.

I got in the car and on the way back my brain made a plan on how to get her back. Act as a victim, make her feel sorry for you. It was automatic and it failed in all areas.

I quit being the spokesman for the class, did not get involved in any extra, got girlfriends in hope that she would get the feeling of loosing me.

The three ways of dealing with the unexpected

As I see it, there are three ways to react when something like this happens.

  1. Do the guilt trip
  2. Brush it of as one of lifes happenings and keep up the good work
  3. Fight it and work hard on changing the outcome

And this goes with just about anything. If you read something bad then you can react in one of those ways.

I left everything, and this became my new life habit. If something went wrong then I would try to make someone feel sorry for me until the problem was fixed.

Looking back, the real fact is that it takes a lot longer and requires a lot more energy to live a life like that than the other two options.

It is a loosing game for yourself. But who are you? What direction to you tend to go when something major happen?


Do you ask for money when you are short or fight to acquire more of them?

This is a very important part of you to know since it will decide your future. If you take a risk and fail it will be essential to decide how you want it to influence your life. People that have a business and go bankrupt may go out stronger and better right away however many will use it as a way to play a victim.

The victim will tend to become a victim in a lot of others areas in life just as the other kinds of people builds on their decision.

I once was lucky enough and got the possibility to talk with a pilot that survived when a serious incident in mid air. He had a great network of colleagues and friends, so when the offer was made to talk to professionals to fix the bad memories he had, the answer was simply “no”. In order to fix this I have to fly. And so he did. He stayed in the air until retirement.

He did choose not to become a victim of the event.

So if you choose to be a victim. Remember that other people have to build their foundation before helping out with yours. So you will always be behind and being a victim.

Staying low for a while may happen. Just learn from my lesson and do not stay there and change other things to much that it becomes you. You will miss a lot of possibilities in life.

Go for what you want, if it fights back then pivot slightly and make it an experience. Your choice will impact your life.

Today, even when someone close dies and the first reaction has passed. I am great full to have been a part of their life and have learned good and bad. When a sale goes wrong I go for the next one instead of waiting for someone to lead me to it.

It is only a decision that becomes a habit. Habits control your life.

I often imagine my outcome in life if the reaction would have been used in either of the other ways possible, would we be married? would my skills in organizing given me skills that would have been really valuable? Regardless it is time to become better and wiser!

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What are my personal values

Too many people think that value is measured in money but the truth is that they are two completely different opinions. Values in my mind equals the importance a person feel about a theme, item, people or anything that gives good or bad feelings.

The best example will show itself at an auction.

Imagine a shining Porche rolls up on the stand as the next item to be sold and you have 1 million dollars available however even though the price of the car “only” gets to 10 000 dollar and you do not bid on it. WHY?? You could buy multiple cars at that price!!

It does not contain the value you are looking for.

Next up is a rusty old motorbike that needs a lot of attention and the price quickly goes to 30 000 dollars. That’s when you start to bid, ending up paying 50 000 for it. WHY?? Wouldn’t it be better to buy 5 cars?

No, because they do not have the values you want to satisfy.

However it a person is not aware of how to aqcuire money then it will not have the chance to buy cars or motorbikes.

However, if someone wants to buy or do something they can not afford, then money becomes a highly valuable item to have.


Goals explains a lot about what values a person have within. One of my goals is to create a farm that will give families a chance to reconnect and children to open their eyes for the dreams and fantasy they should chase. Not enough people dare to chase the dream, however it is more of a bad happit and paradigms then clear thinking. We have the technology to drive a car on Mars!!! And for most people it is impressive that the front door of the house becomes keyless.

This goal explains some of my values and one of them is to see other people acheive something they did not even think about or imagined they could acheive. Other people may have a goal of getting the best Porche that money can buy in order to satisfy themselves. Nothing wrong with this since people are supposed to be different. If you get a chance, take a DISC- test and you will see that people are different. Some value painting their house, others may value more to have someone else to do it for them.

It just goes to show that there will be room for more daredevils and great thinking. People who value a dream and future more than the past. You may very well love something historical and enjoy working with it, but if you start showing your findings to others it will add value also to those who are willing to present it for the future.


Find out what you want in life. Take a piece of paper and write down what you really want in life and it will be what you value the most. Then number them from the most important to the least important. Some will value career more than family, some a new car more than a vacation and what your list will be is not up to anyone else to guess or determine.

Get your values right and a lot will be explained for you.



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How do I transform my life

This is really a task that more people should work on, most people accepts reality instead of challenge it and make their own path. The fact that you are searching for how to change your life is really important and in itself a turningpoint, this page will be designed to help you out simply because I am in the same situation and have decided to help others while changing my self.

And there is no shortage of quotes that is supposed to make you feel good, however it only last for a few seconds and then life is back to the same old. I have probably read 1000 quotes and the intention is absolutely great, however it is just like trying to hang a jacket on a wall without having something on the wall that actually holds the jacket.

So how DO you transform your life?

I have started with five points:

  1. 10x Challenge with Grant Cardone did put a lot of things in it’s place
  2. Setting my goals and making them so big that I need targets along the way.
  3. Scheduling my week
  4. Starting this page in order to show people it can be done and help them do the same
  5. Joining a course with Frank Kern, one of the Gurus in online marketing

So I would recommend you start with setting your goals. Imagine yourself on the screen of a movie displaying your life 5 years from now. Write down BY HAND what you imagine. Maybe you have a skill uncovered, dream house, dream place to live, the perfect partner, car etc.

This is the beginning of your journey.

Target vs. Goals

Let us imagine that you want a new house but can not afford it. Then the house becomes your goal and it is time to set the targets.

Goal: Buy a new house within 6 months

A goal can be anything you choose but pick a bigger goal than you feel comfortable with. If a goal is to become a photographer then make the goal: I will become the best photographer the world have ever seen”. Want a house? “My house will have room and features that supports the life I want to live”.


A target is a fraction of your goal that will make the goal become real. Imangine a brick wall where the goal is a complete wall and the targets will be each brick and every layer of bricks that, at the end, will become the wall.

The targets will be to acheive what you do not have in order to buy or build the house, and it is most likely money. However sometimes it may be friends that hold you back or even a partner that thinks that your goal is unrealistic.

If you are missing money then one target will be to help people solve a problem in order to make the money.

So Target number 1: Help people in order to make money. If you already have a skill or a job that can make you money then increase what you do or start doing it for people that will pay you more money.

Target number 2: Do not waste attention or money on something or someone that do not benefit your goal

Target number 3: have x ammount of money within 3 month


Commitment and work ethic:

Let us use myself as an example. My business went bankrupt in 2020 and it did cost a whole bunch of money and forced me to accept that I did some bad choices in order for it to happen. Bad choices will always be a part of life so I have to accept it.

My choice for 2021 is to help more people with the skills I have. One skill is to bring out a better version of people, another is photography and both will be important for the future. I do have a regular job which will be replaced the second an option shows up, and looking into more streams of income is one of the ways to do this.

However to change or build anything it will require commitment and work ethic and since xmas only comes once a year it will demand your effort. BUT it will be rewarding and once a goal have been acheived you will have a new foundation and confidence to go for the next.

Get up every day and work towards your goal, reward yourself when there is more money in the bank and the evidence of progression is present.

This will demand something of you that you have not experienced before so join groups or people that have done the same thing or more. This will help you. I have cleaned my facebook by removing groups and friends for the benefit of groups and people who will give me knowledge needed to acheive next level.

I now work on a 90 day challenge for myself and it really is scary because it will be goals that feels way to big, however it is goals that someone on this planet would laugh at and probably acheive on a daily basis. Those are the people I want to find and learn from. And it shall be done!


Start writing down what you want in life right now. Do not include anyone else in the dreams yet, just put “This is what I want in my life:” on top of a piece of paper and start a list. You will surprise yourself.

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The self development jungle!

Let me be clear!! I did read a lot about personal development and Youtube, Facebook and similar channels have shown me a lot of ideas.

But ideas are nothing but a house drawing without a plot of land to build on. Once you find a place to build the house and actually owns the land it will be realistic to build. Or even buying a already built house will not be realistic without the ability to aqcuire enough money before and after the purchase.

The goal is always the result of a set of skills and/or knowledge shared with others.

I know all this and for years have listened to Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Will Smith, Bob Proctor and a whole bunch of people that without a doubt in my mind have the skills and knowledge to get me to another level. I feel very confident that a lot of people feel the same and most likely you will be one of them.

The difference on my part is that my mission on going from aqcuiring to excecuting has come. I simply have to since the promise to my 6 and 8 year old is to get them a house big enough so they can have their own room. My end goal is a lot bigger, however in order to make them believe in me it is my duty to walk the talk.


Creating the map

You and I are the creators of our own map and the truth is that we have no clue what the outcome or destination will be. However I think it is important to make sure to pick people that have a similar mindset and match your way of thinking at the level you are.

I was fortunate to join the 10x Challenge that Grand Cardone pulled off for free and it was a lesson in living and business mindset that really but my mental train on tracks. Things that used to be good hunches was but into a system and organized so I know where to start in order to find people that my idea can really help, and even to make money on it.

Grant (and his crew) is impressive with their privat jet, world class portofolio of real estate and the skillset that deserves the results they are creating. I would love to get somewhere close to that result, however I have to accept that in order to join GC on a deal will require somewhere arond 250K$ and it will be a while for me to get there.

Bob Proctor and his crew really seems to have a professional system in place and it is proven by many. I do believe he does have a masterpiece and to watch someone loving what they do as much as he does is really joyfull.

It remains me of a few years I had in New Jersey and one day when talking to a business owner he told me something important. His words “I do what I love and regardless of where I am or who I am with my life is my dream. I do not need a vacation, and doing what I do is the only thing I could ever imagine doing”.

Finding this “thing” is probably the most important in life and a life coach or the system that PGI (Proctor Gallagher Institute) have in place is highly likely to spot and develop this if you need help.

I have not tried much (except reading a couple of books) however it is recommended to check it and make up your own opinion.

I am on my second run with Frank Kern and one of his free workshops. His style and mindset seems to match mine and listening to recordings or interviews he has made. I currently work as a salesman and part of the job is to knock on doors, a very usefull skill if you ever want to market something! I hate knocking on doors however the ability to reach out to unknown people is valuable. Frank had the same beginning although he does have years of experience on me in becoming great in his skills. This is why he can teach me something, however the part on taking action will be on me.

Wayne Dyer also did an excellent job in making me see life in a different perspective and his Youtube videos have helped my brain a lot when it comes to connecting myself to myself, and in some sense look at the nature surrounding me when comparing my life to something else. I do recommend searching for Wayne Dyers story about the butterfly.

Tony Robbins has to be mentioned and you will find countless videos and information an this guy. He really has the energy and skills of getting your head to change lanes. He sometimes works as one of the systems on a train station that makes a train switch tracks in order to aim for a completely different destination. I have yet to read any of his books but it is definetly one of my next things to do. Check him out!

And then you have many others and my belief is that most likely your life will change drasticly regardless of who suits you the best to follow. I follow all of them, however Bob Proctor and lately the show called “the passionate few” have become favourites nowadays.


The selfish bastard!

Yes, I am talking about me!! And it really is a part of the truth. I don’t have enough income, few friends, breaking goals all the time and just can not seem to get my head above water!!

Grand Cardone said it right at one point. The most selfish thing you  can to is to be poor. And I agree, however the reason someone is poor will be one of three: 1. They suck at managing money, 2. They do not help anyone 3. They lack the skills needed in order to help people enough.

All three can be traced right back to my self. If I helped more people, more people would give me money for this help and money would not be an issue. Somewhere along the line I became a “slave” and comfortable with someone else paying at the restaurant or instead of making money to buy a computer I would find one for free. It was not always like that, however at some point the habit and ignorance got a hold of me and started chewing. But it is time to fight back.

I love helping people becoming better at what they love doing. I will explain this in a different blog, however in school it was alway me that took the lead and organized school trips, in NJ I loved the feeling when someone on a horseback got the right words spoken to them and finally broke through barriers and made new standards for themselves.

Photography is my big passion and what I will do regardless of time, place or income. What is yours? What is it that you would do for others even if it did not pay you anything.

Find out what it is. Delete all social media groups that does not match this and go looking for people that already have the skill. Find someone within personal development that “speaks your language” (this may change over time) and get into their ways of thinking in order to live the life you want. May be you want to become a nurse and, t help children, maybe a world class mechanic to fix equipment that can build a million homes, challenge Elon Musk to Mars or something else. Just like Bob Proctor says, “there is no big or small, there just is”. What is your “is”. Find it and do not compare it to others, just expand your own “is” and there you go. Personal Development in a nutshell.

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Turning my ship

I am the captain of my ship and the master of my fate

The quote that William Ernest Henley created is hard to live by sometimes however it is the truth. However it is fair to add the fact that Captains set the course decided by others but the Captain of my life does not have to be set by others.

2020 was really tough and what have kept me on the surface is actually hours of watching Youtube, Facebook groups and other outside aids.


I Don’t think so and it would not surprise me that millions of people are stuck and feels that life is just to hard sometimes and I really hope that those people may find this page and find something to learn in order to find their own spot.

I am not rich, actually my business went bankrupt in 2020, I am overweight and my job controls my entire life and it has to change. Even to write this is outside my comfort zone and works as a commitment to others than my self and adding a signature to my choices.

One of my weak spots is to commit to my decisions however this part of my life will now change as i write this and is the first steps towards my new life.




The change started during christmas as my goals was written in my daily journal. All my goals will not be public however I now weigh 109 kg and by March 1st I will be 95kg.

In order to make this happen I am now taking a walk every day and yesterday I actually started running for a short distance. My goal is not to enter a marathon or a physical event, however for now the 95kg is the only goal, enter any kind of competition may come later but by nature I am more of a creator than a competitive.

I also have become more observant of what I eat however the urge for sugar and chocolate is knocking on the door and is the current “fight”, however I did choose fruit instead of chocolate today and in order for you to change the areas of your life it will be necessary to sacrifice old commodities and habits.

I find that it does help to repeat my goals and to tell myself that “I will win this battle and the war”. My children will have a father to be proud of in the future. And you will never know how long you will live, however will be a lot better to live it in a good way for as long as possible.


Clean up your Social media friends list and your Social media groups list!!!

The great thing about social media is the ability to create connections with people and groups, although this is also a hidden disaster. You need people that will support you and have knowledge or resources that will help in the path going forward.

I deleted about 50 friends and 10 groups, however added a few new friends and 2 new groups. One group of stock trading and one that covers drones. Why? Because I want to know more about the theme and explore it. I love photography and want to learn more about drones and I want to find ways that my income can create it’s own income, it requires me to look into new solutions.


Another change is to decide that people and groups do not own me, getting used to releasing anything in life that do not serve the goals is a strange feeling. But makes room for new ways of living!!


Setting targets for tomorrow:

Every night I write down about 5 tasks for the next day, the plan is to make this into a weekly habit so there will be easier to create targets. When going to bed wednesday I will plan the next wednesday.

Typical tasks:

  1. 1hour walking
  2. 1 hour reading
  3. Work (and write down number of sales for each day)
  4. Checking finances (once or twice each week)
  5. Replacing/removing friends from Social media
  6. Check on goals
  7. Write down main goals

I do not do all of them every day and always leave some room for family and tasks that just show up from nowhere. The important part is to perform the tasks and if I do not get the time to walk for 1 hour I will walk for 30 minutes. I will perform the task even though the outcome changed slightly.



Go easy on yourself. But find the one change that would improve your life and write it down, then write down where you are today and where you see yourself in the best possible case in the future. Write everything down.

Then take a new piece of paper, write down the change/area of change and where you see yourself in the best possible case.

You now have your first goal.

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Financial health

Change your financial life

What does a financial sound life mean to you? Do you know that financial wealth does not always have the meaning of fancy material things? For some it might and it is absolutely fine to own the most expensive items in the world or buy expensive stuff is fine, it does not equal a guraranteed success.

Just like most other things in life it is a matter of knowing what you have and adding on to it. If you do not feel like adding on to it then leave it forever.

Finances however is something we all need and when you gaing control over it then a lot of things seems to fall into place.

So what exactly do you own? Do you own anything or is the debt larger than the assets? How much better would it be if you just increased the income with 10%? Not many people know those answers although if they did, and started working on it then the next level of life will come accordingly. Simply because your income is related to how much, or how many, people you help.

So how could you help just a few more people with a bit more effort? Or maybe it even just requires to be using the same time a bit more efficient? If you spend five minutes just thinking about how to be more efficient in the work you already performes then most likely the answers will be there right away.

What if your next vacation was already secured 3 months before departure? What if you could get enough money ready so when the dream house came for sale you could simply go an by it? People do it every day.

I have a friend that has a dream about buying his moms childhood house back in honor of his family, currently he does not have any savings. He has 2 obstacles and the savings is not one of them. The first one is that he does not accept any new ideas about increasing his income and second, he has no clue about how much he actually has in assets. He forgets that one of the best assets anyone has is the skill of gaining knowledge in the areas we choose.

5 simple steps to just about anything, also financial comfort/freedome:

  1. Find out what you have
  2. Find out how much you want and gaing knowledge
  3. Use knowledge to increase
  4. Get good at spending it to continue the increase
  5. Don’t quit

How to find your financial status:

In this post you will find a pdf file attached to help you out with the very basics in this area of knowledge. We are not talking accounting or any fancy calculations so there is nothing to be afraid of!! This will be simple and the answer will be your baseline for improvement.

There is only 4 things you need to know:

  1. Income
  2. Expenses
  3. Liabilities (debt)
  4. Assets (what you own that can be sold or increase your income)

When put into the system it will give you answers that can change your life completely if you only commit to increasing your assets. This can be done in a few ways, ususally it starts with increasing income and only spending money on something that will give a financial gain in the future. It may be education, real estate, tools to improve your business or paying down debt to have less interest to worry about. The important is to start with what you have, regardless of the amount.


So get honest, find fram all your stuff and spend a bit on the added pdf, set a goal and keep speeding up the boat!!

Shortcut to PDF:

Get your finances under control


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My story

Thank you for taking some time to check out this homepage. In order to make this usefull i may be important for you to know why this page was created in the first place.

Nothing would please me more than to help you out in improving your life and really start to live. To be honest with everyone it is no doubt that my own life, until lately, have been equal to a boat just drifting on open water that gets into a random port every now an then. But I also think that a lot of people feel the same, and if I could ever influence a child or a family to support a wealthy and concious life.

Have you ever asked your mom this question:

  • What is it that you regret in life not doing
  • Do you think your parents lived the life they really wanted?


I did ask the questions and it did lead us into a very good talk regarding the subject of living your own life. If my granddad had followed his own choice the path of our family would have been completely different. And there is no doubt in my mind that it would have been a lot better!!

My granddad ended up being a farmer because his dad talked him into it. At that point he had already started as a flight mechanic and loved his choice. How I wished he had kept his promise to himself!!!

I do not hold it against him because he most likely had the best of intentions, however it continued the habit of keeping the farm in the family. There is nothing wrong when someone follows in the footsteps of a relative, however doing if just to keep the relative quiet puts a questionmark on it.

What if he had sold it, gone for his dream and showed his children how to do the same?

How does your life fit into this story…….

So dare to live your life, and encourage others to do the same!! Greet people that dare something and salute them, assist them back and make them try again if they fail. We truly need people to step up to the front of their life and be proud of it.

I really wish that this small page in a vast world of internet can strike someone and make their life worth dying for.

Being satisfied the last day of a life has to be the ultimate goal.

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Prepare for your future


The best advice to give anyone that wants to grow in any way only contain three steps

  1. Dream big
  2. Get knowledge
  3. Action

Nothing is more rewarding to me than to watch someone reach a new milestone or achieve something new in life, and this is my way to try and help as many people as possible to do just that.

Most people do not even know that dreaming and having a fantasy is really what starts anything new, the problem would be that not enough people get to the “action”-part because the “knowledge” part seems too big. The reason it is too big is usually that we try to do things that someone else would do better than us. Just imagine Tom Cruise dealing with the camera, sound and acting at the same time. It would be impossible in the same way that a jet fighter pilot is not performing the mechanical work on the plane.

You have to settle with your part of the project.


Your dream is who you want to be and a lot of people are trying to find their purpose in life although the answer is not in front of their eyes!! It is behind the eyes.

It is in your dream.

Your dream and goal is really the same thing although people tend to give a goal more value than the dream. When Elon Musk put his mind to launch SpaceX it could not have been anything else than a fantasy. To make the progress and keep making it is controlled by him getting the dream into a goal that a team pulls towards.

The difference between a dream and a goal is that the goal is published and a team can see it and work towards it. The dream is only for the dreamer. If your dream is to write a book, then it is a dream until you at least acheives the aid of someone who either made a computer or a pencil. If you first would have to make the computer the whole ballgame would have changed, but since the computer at some point was someone elses dream it makes your journey a lot easier.

As you are reading this post there is most likely a submarine several thousands meter below the sea level and a aircraft equally high above the sea level.

Once a dream, now a goal. Once in a mind, now in progress.

Since you do not know anything about your future it is fair to consider any dream a bit one since no one knows if they will be able to fullfill it. And who knows how long it takes to realize the dream and finish the goal is equally unknown but in order to measure the progress it is very helpfull to have a timeframe and a date it should be complete.



Once a dream starts to make it’s way into the real world it becomes really essential to gain knowledge and often this comes in forms of books or online search. In todays world the information is “everywhere” in the form of video, blog, books, pdf, podcast although in my opinion the most important source is another human being. I do recommend reading “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill and the chapter that explains a Mastermind.

According to the book, a Mastermind is a mind created by two or  more people working together towards a result.

A book do contain a lot of knowledge and will definetly help you on the path towards your purpose and goal, however it seems to sometimes be a limiting factor if you try to perform everything in the book yourself.  Books are essential for inspiration and problem solving so it should always be a part of your life.

One can simply never achieve anything purely by one self. You can build your own house, but someone has to cut the wood or plant the trees that provides the wood. Even if it is nature itself.

A tree does not know how to read a book however in the cooperation with other sources it is capable to make leaves, berrys, apples, oxygen and a lot of other helpfull results. Knowing where the resources are is more important than to read all the books in a library. If the resources to a tree is missing (i.e wrong temperature) then the tree will simply not grow.

If someone wants to make a steel pipe but have no access to steel it will not happen. Read some books and find people with knowledge that will get you towards your dream, it is just like sunshine in the spring. It will give you the summer.



Action is when the train starts to move and just like a fire it starts slow and gains momentum. The same with the journey to your dream that have some knowledge attached to it. As you gain knowledge the speed will increase and the foundation will become larger.

Compare it to a pile of sand that you keep adding more sand to. It becomes wider at the base and grows taller once the base is big enough and if you stop working on it, it will deteriorate as time and nature takes it back. To maintain it will take less effort than constantly building it and if you ever find that moment you will feel wealthy. However most people quit before they are even close to reaching the potential height of the pile of sand.

Action is to find the only way to get as close as possible to fullfill your dream and sometimes it leads to people that can add something to your journey or show a quicker way to do it. Sometimes although people will try to stop your action in various ways and it will be very tempting to retreat and stop the action. Then ask yourself: “will this make me leave the pile of sand just so someone else can use it as free foundation”? You only quit due to others opinions if you do not have enough knowledge to keep your dream in front of you in your own mind. Because the dream is only yours and who you bring along on your own journey will define how close you will get to it.

Your dream is your soul talking to you, the knowledge is by choice.

Remember always: You can do it!

Free self development plan:


Self development plan


To be continued.