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Live in the moment!


How would life change if there was no limits. If you had available all the money for any of your dreams and family, vacations or investments then what would you do?

The sad thing is that most people give all the money to someone else and really do not even think about it. I have worked with billionaires and high ranking officials that gave the most to those who needed it. For sure they had a private jet, nice car and the proper things in life. But one thing struck me when driving their cars, everything was clean and neat. No mess or useless things anywhere, after a trip to the cabin the car was cleaned and put back to excellent condition.

I do believe the example with the car shows a lot of value to anyone. Let us say that the car was your mind and the way your car looked, you mind looked equally organized.

The people that really make it happen in life only deals with things that have value to them, the car is cared for and anything not useful in it will be removed, if it gets dirty they clean it however they do like a lot of energy!! When they drive all that is needed is a car, not a empty soda bottle or old newspapers in the back in addition. If they use the car for a vacation they pack for vacation, however if the next trip will be for business they make sure all the vacation-gear is out of the car. You will not find a ball or a bike in the back of the car since it will not be needed for the current trip!! Don’t bring things with you into your mind that belongs to the past, forgive it, leave it behind and bring just the necessary ideas for the future.


The same people do not keep problems in their mind, if something comes up they fix it to avoid any noise. If something comes up that is starting to turn their thoughts into a negative vibration they call someone to make it positive. Last but not least they keep educating themselves in order to keep the energy level high and brain active.


The game of leaving the past behind

My kids play this “game” all the time. My oldest had a problem with keeping the bicycle rolling because he remembered that on his last trip he fell off the bike. I asked him what connection that trip has with the trip we are about to start. When he understood that this was a brand new trip and there was no way of knowing how the trip would turn out, he came along. Sure enough he was biking faster and better than ever with no problems at all. It just proves that to assume that the past will repeat itself is an illusion that will not come true!

Fear is an illusion and belief. If 10 people makes it safely and happy up to a mountain top then why would person number 11 be paralyzed with certainty of not making it? It is proven to everyone that the trip is safe, however in someones mind the illusion still exist that this will be scary.


Live in the moment:

One more very important feature they have is to live in the moment!! This is really the Master Key to yourself. I sometimes find myself worrying about how the kids will react to a present I intend to give. Why worry? When the gift is given, the result will come to the surface! If I am at my work and thinks about the gift, I am not doing my work since there is only room for one thought at a time. Be present in your own life! Most people that fall down stairs do so because they are not aware the fact that they are walking! While going down the stairs they put their mind into the kitchen and think about dinner instead of being present so they do not miss the next step.


This is why you should have times during the day to sit down and plan your next day or week. When you plan the mind and body is in separate places, you sit in a chair and your mind is already working on next days dinner. However if you try to plan next days dinner while making todays dinner, you may just wind up burning yourself on a pot or a pan.

There is a time for planning, reading, watching movies, kids and all the other things a life contains. There is a time for it……

This is also part of the reason why it is very important to finish things. Anything that are not completed will add to the “trash” in you mind. When it is completed, the mind will stop figuring out how to fix it and new tasks can take its place.

In my opinion the brain always set a goal of completing what is started, and if you start 10 projects it will create 10 goals. To work on 10 goals at the same time will never work since it becomes too much to handle and then no goals will be reached. If you start working on 1 or maybe 2 projects and keep it going until they are completed, the feeling of success and completion will be fuel for your next goal.


Keep your mind clean and organized, plan the days ahead of you with a bit of room for some coincidences and watch the difference. The plan and goal may be altered, however the progress will be better and a lot closer to your personal values.


In short, be present in this moment and bring what you need to make it to the goal and it does not make sense to bring gasoline to a fire. Keep your focus!!



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Choose your choices

Where would you like to go? Remember the fact that once you believe it, you may actually go anywhere and do anything at any time of your life. To quote Earl Nightingale: “Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal”. As the quote in my opinion is exactly what life is about and those who do not grow either gets left behind or perish in some way.

The best options are sometimes really hard to figure out and this is where personal development means, and in some cases this is not just to progress your current career since at some point in life it may be wise to go a completely different direction. The link between what was and what is coming will always only be through yourself, and every choice in life will reflect that fact. If you eat chocolate instead of bananas since chocolate is cheaper and you have always done, it may be the most expensive investment and destructive choice ever made. If you start eating bananas since you would like to avoid expensive health care in the future, this may be a way cheaper choice (and better in many ways).


I Always refer to my Granddad (His name was Bjarne, fairly common name in Norway). He did get diabetes at around 50 years of age. I remember being at a party he was hosting for the whole family and friends and as usual there was candy on the table. I picked up the bowl of chocolate and ask if he wanted one. He answered wisely that he did not since he had diabetes, he stayed with us until the age of 94 years old. My dad did get the same diagnosis at about the same age however there was no respect in his mind for caring about his body. He did not alter his diet in any way and was really ill the last 5-6 years of his life, and passed away 64 Years old. His dad got 50% more life to live due to changes he made for the future and being respectful to himself.


I did not stop eating candy, however it made me consume a lot less and my future is based a lot more on living a good life. And life do not come with a guarantee of old age, however it may provide the best life you can possibly live for as long as you live. Sometimes it is wise to get someone outside your normal social network to help you write the new map. There is no problem without a solution, so close your eyes and let yourself dream up a perfect life. Do it 4 times a day, 1 when waking up, 1 when going to sleep and 2 more during the day. It may take a while, however who you really want to be and become will come to you. Some people have their dream life and would like to expand it, some need a total transformation. Where would you like to enter?