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Purpose of a Generation

In my opinion, the only reason for starting a new generation is to improve and progress in the work that the previous one did. This is not to say that one generation has to work in the same profession.

The world has luckily changed for the most part and people may become what they want and not what the previous generation demands of them. My experience within this is very personal since my great granddad demanded that my granddad should move back to the farm instead of progressing as an aircraft mechanic. My granddad obeyed and became a really good farmer although never really felt proud or happy about it. This became clear as he got closer to the end of his life in form of being more angry, confused, sad and dissatisfied than ever before. He was a star in his profession, although it came with the price of a genuine life.

This is a very important lesson for the next generations!!! Become who you want to become, not one that someone else would like you to be!!!

Stars and getting to the stars.

The oldest calender that has been discovered so far is about 10 000 years old. Approx year 8000 b.c there was a calendar created using stars.

I would believe that in the process of making this calendar, the person had to be wondering how to get out to the stars or at least to the moon. And here we are on the same planet with ambitions to make footprints on Mars, travel around the moon on vacation!!

Just think for a second on the generations in between that progressed this idea and by greating anything from metal and electric wire to space suits and food to eat in space. Probably millions of patents had to be made for this idea to become reality.

And this is where the progressive system of generations comes in. Edison invented the lightbulb, however his kind of a lightbulb is being reengineered nowadays into LED lights that requires a fraction of the energy that the old ones demanded.

The bow and arrow has progressed to long range missils, the first black and white photo (or at least what can be called a picture) has progressed to a camera with taking pictures of a night sky full of stars.

I am looking forward, through this website to show and work with the growth that follows generations. The progress may feel incremental in the daily experience of people and things. However it will be a pleasure to bring forward what has been done, and show the child of today how important it is to add value to what is already working. And it all starts with an enviroment wich allows the child to think and then act on the solution he or she finds correct.

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