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“Without health you have nothing” is a common saying among people and to me it is true. I now weigh about 108kg and about 3 years ago the scale showed 90kg. No question about it, at 90kg I proudly presented myself and gained confidence every day. I had my routes timed and it was a constant challenge to get a bit better, every second early was a big victory.

One of the main reasons for this was that in 2016 I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in my lungs and it really hit me that this could become pretty bad. It was already pretty bad since my maximum efforts could be measured going up the stairs at home. I used it as a spring board to start working out and lost about 19 kg in a year, and kept the scale dropping. It all changed one morning and I will get back to you on this episode however it was a proof that I will change when the sudden mental pressure is high.

So I know I can. I am now back on the path I used to be and will start to work my way to 90 kg again. You see, there is a double victory in it. Number one being the weight loss, however the second is the fact that my medication is supposed to create an increase in weight and fat on my body. I proved it wrong before so my job now is really to replicate the happening.

But what happened?

I do belive in Bob Proctor and his team although I never (yet) did meet any of them. However in one of the first videos I was watching of Bob he explains the paradigm of our minds as a thermostat that makes sure everything stays the same. My brain was looking for a way out of this new habit and finally found it. That one event changed my priority in life from myself to my kids and at the same time my mind and body started changing back to “normal” and here I am. Stuck at 108kg. My breathing is better however my muscles are weaker so talking a walk is slower and demands more of my lungs than before. My starting point is in such a way better in many ways. The problem may be in feeling it as an easy task to reach the goal. Another stumbling block is to forget reality and belive it is already done before the scale shows the proof.

This is one of the major problems with people. They forget to live in the “now”. Your actions now makes the path of your results and acheivements. The effort and work is what happens before the goal is reached and many people do not catch this point. Most people when they pay with a credit card plans on making the money to pay it all back, however some puts in the work first and then get what they need.

There is no cheating with a body. Eat unhealthy and it will change you in one way, eat healthy and it will change you in a different way. If you eat unhealthy and plan on getting in better shape you will pay with spending more time than if you had a good diet. The difference equals the interest on a credit card. Spend first and then you pay more.

So my first plan on Health is to change my diet and take a walk of at least 30 minutes each day. I will eat sweets every now an then, but truth to be told, I now buy a candy every day and it needs to be changed to every friday and saturday.

An this starts my road to goal no. 4!!

Please follow me and the progress. And the expansion on my blog and other channels. I will keep you posted!!