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The other day I came upon a man that was running a cabin rental business and a restaurant up in theĀ  mountains of Norway. This place is on the very to of the mountain and it is usually fully booked throughout the seasons.

We started talking about big and small stuff, one of the things we talked about was the fact that quite a few people could not stand the silence that occurs when taking a short trip (less than an hour) around the cabins.

We kept talking and a few days later the reality occured to me. People that can not listen to their own voice is truly in lack of confidence. Confidence in my opinion is the ability to listen to your own voice, set goals that truly is only for yourself and set the course for your own life. Confidence will also control the ability to feel safe when being alone.

The execution of confidence will be self respect. I you with confidence writes down a goal and has the self respect to acheive it without having someone else to destroy the target. Set a goal that feels YOURS and you only own it. Just like Bob Proctor says. Go somewhere quiet an write down what you really want. The key word is “you”, now anyone else.

Listen to your inner voice, set goals and be on alert for those things that will get you closer to the goal. Listen to your own voice, it will be loud when the confidence is preset.