My name is Hans Kristian  have had this passion for over 30 years. I am the kind of photographer that likes to use the camera more than the computer in creating images, although I highly respect all the skilled people that can do incredible changes to a picture. My approach to a picture is improving my way to handle the camera, location and details to do as little as possible in a photo editor.


All the pictures for sale on this page in one way or another is taken by admin or the staff, and in order to capture the moments with the camera made us go practicly “anywhere”. The journeys and stories the trips have created makes us proud to present it to the whole world!! We do not want our pictures be stuck in a hard drive when they can serve people in decorating a home, office, room or just download a screen saver that makes life better.

Our pictures are made to be enjoyed!!!

The other reason is that we would love our pictures, designs and quotes to inspire, enlighten and make peoples lives better. In this respect it does happen that our products make people change their life and both do and go somewhere they have never dared to try before. Reading something inspiring multiple times will inspire you!!

Third I do encourage you to take a few moments and think about the pictures. A picture is really a book in itself and can take you on a journey, make you think about life, start new ideas and dreams. One picture can change the direction of a life and it is really the best compliment a photographer can get. That his/her picture made a impression on a life, enlightened a home or started a new chapter for someone.

This means more than any word. If I take your picture it is to prove that you are better than you think, if you buy a picture not taken of yourself it is to color your life.



Admin/ Hans Kr.

The amazing nature is ready for you room