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Can I really change that much?

I have not set my goals on a timely manner yet since this is the first beginning of my new journey.

My challenges:

  • 104 kg weight, wants to be 90kg since I have tried it before and know the great feeling. Watch my progress!
  • I live in a house that is to small for my two kids (4 and 6 yrs), they deserve a room on their own and space to be themselves. Not talking about a mansion, just big enough. I have found what I want, but cannot afford it, that is I have not found the solution yet. They say that money is never the issue, it is the approach to a problem that decides success or failure.
  • My sister lives in TX and I want to have the recources and freedom to visit when needed.
  • Starting a US business
  • Creating a brand
  • Helping kids reach their potential and not loose the ability to dream, work for the invisible and make it visible.
  • I currently have Sarcoidosis and at some times this is very tough on motivation. So to remove it completely would be the ultimate solution, however just getting my body in shape would remove a lot of the tough effects of the illness.


“If the WHY is big enough, a man can bare with almost any “how” – Viktor E. Frankl

It is said that you cannot get without giving and it is very true!! First of all I have to give my time to my goals. I will also have to say goodbye to many old habits and limits.

One of my worst enemies is the habit of trying to make everything happen without help. Not knowing why, but I think there may be something inside me and it would be truly a discovery to get in touch with someone that could put this in perspective for me!! So please add a suggestion in the comments if you know anyone that could help me out. So I have to start giving trust to people.

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