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Day two!!

Feeling the change in finally having a goal set for this month and the important thing now will be to act quick and make decissions.

I am on the right path and my 30 + minute walk is done and I have paid off all bills in order to have complete control of my finances. This may not seem like a revolution, however to get a system for the small things makes for a good foundation.

So one of my tasks is to work consistent in order to more sources of income. So I registered for a photo exibition, shooting pictures at a offroad bike contest and created a page with portofolio online. The portofolio was shared on a facebook page and the progress is ongoing.

Only thing left today is to make a “to do list” for tomorrow. The key nowadays will always be ACTION!! Acting on ideas and hunches, keep developing new stuff and creating new ideas for more ways of making money.

Life will be busy, but 2020 will be a gamechanger!!

Oh, and at the very end. I did schedule an appiontment with a financial councelor in order to get more out of my money. This will happen on Monday.


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