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Financial development

Ok, so I did my finances the other day and there is no question about it.

Regarding this blog post, the number used may be completely wrong compared to your marked and money currency. However replace them with numbers and currency that will match your area of living.


This will have to change

And just like I started going to the gym it is time to enter a financial gym however this is something completely new in my life. Maybe it sounds strange however it is the facts and it is what goes. I have become Aware of the fact that my financial wisdom is about to drive everything into the ground.

Awareness is the first step to improving anything and I will not show you my numbers because it is simply to early in my internet career and it feels ackward if my neighbour looks at it.

I am no financial advisor and what you find in this post is the very basic in personal economy so feel free to google it and dig deeper if you want to. But I do believe in Gary Vee when he says “loosing weight is easy, eat less and do more”.

I like that simple approach. Money is most likely the same, but this is what I have to learn. In the simplest form financials will probably be “Earn more, spend less”. But I think that there are many ways to the goal and finding the proper way is essential. Is it complicated? Not likely, but it does require knowledge I do not have.


What is the truth? And how can I help you with the little knowledge I have?


Well, my debt is about half of my assets and this is good!! How I figured it out?

Everything you have that can turn into money if you sell it, minus your debt. 

My equation is fairly simple:

Farm + house + car+money in the bank – all debt = negative or positive number. If it is negative it will tell the story of someone going bankrupt since even if the person sold everything he/she would still not pay off all debt.


Farm              + House  + Car –     debt farm – debt hous – debt car

1000000 + 1000000 + 30000 -1 100 000-       1 000 000-     50 000 = -150 000

Example above, if everything was sold it would still be 150 000 short of covering everything.



Oposite example:

Farm Value     +   House value  + Car value       – Farm debt              –        House debt           – Car debt

1 500 000          +    2 000 000      +    30 000  –               500 000              –       1 000 000      –                 0               =  2 030 000


This tells us that if everything was sold, the seller would have 2 030 000 left over.


So if my assets are positive, what is the problem?

The problem will be income. It does not matter how much something is worth if a person or company can’t cover the monthly downpayment. It will eventurallly create a situation that will make the bank able to sell someones house. This is why someone can loose a 2 000 000 $ house when only having 300 000 in debt. A contract is broken and if worse comes to warse then someone may claim their money.

So what would be an easy way to calculate your situation?

Income minus expenses

Add up all you income of a month

Add up all your expenses for the month

Income minus expenses will give you the number.

If I make 30 000 after taxes and spend 35 000, then every month will be negative. For one or two months, or every now and then it may work out. However if it becomes an established habit then at some point it will lead to disaster. So if nothing else, do what you can to keep this number above zero INCLUDING saving and investing (Saving and investing is actually an expense until it creates income).



If I knew the answer this blog post would not have been written so it is obvious that this is something you should not learn from me YET!!

But I am sure this is the formula:








If you fill out your state next to each one, the one you do not have is the weakest link.

Myself as an example, what is your status on creating more income than expenses:

Awareness: I make less than I spend

Dream: (you will not know, but it is way more than 7 figures of assets)

Goal: Financially independent (My expenses payed for sure on a monthly basis)

Knowledge: I know how to make budget or statement however lack the knowledge of creating enough safe income)

Plan: None

Persistance: I sometimes do get distracted by other peoples opinion, use time as an excuse etc so it can really bee improved.


So in my case I will need a plan, and to make this plan I need knowledge, knowledge is in books or other people. I will try both.

I actually feel ashamed of the situation. My mom wants (and deserves) a new bathroom, my kids deserves a bigger house with separate bedrooms and I want the bigger house as well.

Not being able to pay for those things is bothering me and while those people are around me they deserve my knowledge and support.

My motivation is to show my kids that there is a way. My girlfriend is incredibly stuck in the past of growing up with a small house and short of money so I do not expect any support. So all this have to get done on my own,


Where do I find knowledge?

Youtube is information, and information is worthless without structure. It would be the same as getting all the books for a 3 years education delivered on your doorstep without any follow up. They would be junk.

BUT Youtube and social media is a great way to find the inspiration and people with knowledge and a lot of people have become successfull by taking information from social media and transfering into results. So it is a source, but sometimes a confusing one.

Tony Robins was interviewed on Youtube and the question was, do you think the content on the platform is useful? His answer was something like (forgot the exact words) “it is great however it is not structured”. Meaning that if someone deploys a course on a social media platform it may be viewed in random order versus if the same course was bought then it would also be organized and built in the correct order.

The other issue is that it is really hard sometimes to separate the real teachers from the once with only a rented Lamborghini in the driveway.

So I think my approach will be this:

This blog post will be shared on social media and work as a reversed job application. I will also pay more attention to opportunities in the everyday life, and turn this into a financial challenge. I will also get on social media and find inspiration and solutions.


Stay with me!!


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