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Financial health

Change your financial life

What does a financial sound life mean to you? Do you know that financial wealth does not always have the meaning of fancy material things? For some it might and it is absolutely fine to own the most expensive items in the world or buy expensive stuff is fine, it does not equal a guraranteed success.

Just like most other things in life it is a matter of knowing what you have and adding on to it. If you do not feel like adding on to it then leave it forever.

Finances however is something we all need and when you gaing control over it then a lot of things seems to fall into place.

So what exactly do you own? Do you own anything or is the debt larger than the assets? How much better would it be if you just increased the income with 10%? Not many people know those answers although if they did, and started working on it then the next level of life will come accordingly. Simply because your income is related to how much, or how many, people you help.

So how could you help just a few more people with a bit more effort? Or maybe it even just requires to be using the same time a bit more efficient? If you spend five minutes just thinking about how to be more efficient in the work you already performes then most likely the answers will be there right away.

What if your next vacation was already secured 3 months before departure? What if you could get enough money ready so when the dream house came for sale you could simply go an by it? People do it every day.

I have a friend that has a dream about buying his moms childhood house back in honor of his family, currently he does not have any savings. He has 2 obstacles and the savings is not one of them. The first one is that he does not accept any new ideas about increasing his income and second, he has no clue about how much he actually has in assets. He forgets that one of the best assets anyone has is the skill of gaining knowledge in the areas we choose.

5 simple steps to just about anything, also financial comfort/freedome:

  1. Find out what you have
  2. Find out how much you want and gaing knowledge
  3. Use knowledge to increase
  4. Get good at spending it to continue the increase
  5. Don’t quit

How to find your financial status:

In this post you will find a pdf file attached to help you out with the very basics in this area of knowledge. We are not talking accounting or any fancy calculations so there is nothing to be afraid of!! This will be simple and the answer will be your baseline for improvement.

There is only 4 things you need to know:

  1. Income
  2. Expenses
  3. Liabilities (debt)
  4. Assets (what you own that can be sold or increase your income)

When put into the system it will give you answers that can change your life completely if you only commit to increasing your assets. This can be done in a few ways, ususally it starts with increasing income and only spending money on something that will give a financial gain in the future. It may be education, real estate, tools to improve your business or paying down debt to have less interest to worry about. The important is to start with what you have, regardless of the amount.


So get honest, find fram all your stuff and spend a bit on the added pdf, set a goal and keep speeding up the boat!!

Shortcut to PDF:

Get your finances under control


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