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And you will feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime is an ancient quote and widely used.

However, something is left out of the quote that I really believe makes more of a difference. However if you listen to Bob Proctor and his beginning of a career the quote do work if the receiver will accept to change. Bob put trust into the person that started changing his life.

Yet another choice

A lot of people acts, lives and actually is the man however at the same time knows what fish they want to catch. With the greatest patience they sit by the lake just waiting for the fish to jump into the basket. Other people sit by the lake and actually puts the line into the water, tries different bait on a stick and line put together by themselves.

Another way to get ahead is to actually find the person that knows how to fish and ask him to show you how. At one street corner there is a man in a wheelchair begging for money, in a building not to far away is the US President. Also in a wheelchair. Not everyone may become a President, however the mind works even though the feet do not.

Sometimes someone shows up that will give you unexpected solutions or chances in life, however until that happens, go look for that person or resource yourself!!! It is within you, but sometimes someone, something or some place needs to help you in getting it to the surface.

Look for it, don’t chase it or wait for it. It will surface.

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