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Health responsability

You are in charge of making the best out of your own health, and it really comes true when the going gets tough. Whenever something shows up in life that you can not control 100% yourself then make sure whatever can be controlled is taken care of.

I found this out in a real quick way due to the sarcoidosis and since I am back on pretty heavy dosis of medications again, it really challenge who I am.

My sarcoidosis have decided to be locatet in the lungs and what I can do is to loose weight and tune my body so it needs less oxygen in order to do it’s job. The doctors are excellent in my case and have really done, and continues to, do everything in their power to help me out. However, the quiestion is what I can provide to take charge of MY part of the deal.


It is extremely important to be realistic to yourself when something strikes that needs attention. What would motivate you? Where can you get some support? What in you own personality will make the effort last?

I myself is a thinker and likes to look at progress over time so a sportswatch is truly a very good motivator. If competition triggers you it will really be at good aid to go for a solution that delivers. My choices are Garmin, Polar and maybe look into some smartwatches. Although a philosophy of getting help where the pro’s are is always the best way to go.

Put on some gear that measures pulse, distance and gives a detailed map regarding to where you exercise and start setting benchmarks. Success is the motivation and engine for progress. However progress drives success so both are completely dependent on each other.

So start with a walk in the neighbourhood and measure, take day off and do it again with added effort. It probably would not be a good idea to run so keep it cool for a while. The running will come when you feel ready. The goal is just to shave off a few seconds on the first trip. Keep on doing it, the increments and improvements may be small however look for anything that is better than last time. A second off the time, added a bit to the distance, lower pulse or anything that feels good.

Pretty soon your feels less important and the feeling of success improves the opinion on yourself. It really works and I will keep you updated on my improvement. Hopefully I can give someone the inspiration to start changing the apporach to life and problems.


If you make a bad print of a picture it may be altered and re-printed. However the exact same picture can not be shot twice. This also goes with fighting a illness. I can waste time and look for a source, or I can leave that to the professionals and experts, set a baseline for who I am and improve on my future. It is way more important in my mind to find a cure for the illness than to go back an re-create the beginning of it in order to change what caused it. If I ever get well from the Sarcoidosis I might spend time on figuring out why, however until that point I will focus on how to heal and cure. To many people digs into the cause rather than look for the cure, the cause will always be the past however the cure will be somewhere in the future. I can alter and improve on my future!!! I will fight for it and do the best in order to keep up with my kids.

A part of my lungs will be gone forever, however I will make it improve me in all other areas and use it as fuel for my plans in the future!! Don’t ever let resitance stop you, just keep on moving even if it seems like a slight de-tour compared to the original plan!!!


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