Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich summary

Some Napoleon Hill Quotes:​

Do not wait, the time will never be just right. Start where you stand, and work at whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along

The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE, keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results just as small fires brings small amount of heat.

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits

You give before you get


This book is world famous and I tend to believe that no man or woman that did read Think and grow rich was not changed by it in some way. It will take a hold of your thoughts and mind just to shake it around and bring energy and desire to the surface. The book has played a major role in the life of Bob Proctor and his establishment of an empire of wealth and professional help to millions of people.

Andrew Carnegie gave young Napoleon Hill a 60 second timeframe and asked if Napoleon would be willing to do work that he most likely would not be compensated for in the next 20 years. Napoleon Hill did not know about the 60 second limit however he did accept the possibility presented to him.

Andrew then took the poor boy for a trip of a lifetime for the next years to come and introduced him to the most powerfull people in the world. Those are in many ways the founders of our modern world and those who gave us the chance to build what we are building today. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and 498 other highly successfull people gave Napoleon the information that did lead to the book Think and Grow Rich. This book is actually in many ways a summary since three books was re organized and turned into TAGR as we know it today, and the book “The law of success in 16 chapters” is a 1000+pages book and more detailed than TAGR. However that will be a separate review.


 There are a few versions of the book available and the version I have contains 323 pages including the introduction and a 90 day journey and success notes.

There are 15 chapters which will give you a great understanding in:

  1. Introduction
  2. Desire
  3. Faith
  4. Auto-suggestion
  5. Specialized knowledge
  6. Imagination
  7. Organized Planning
  8. Decision
  9. Persistence
  10. Power of the Master Mind
  11. The mystery of Sex Transmutation
  12. The subconscious mind
  13. The brain
  14. The Sith sense
  15. How to outwith the six gosts of fear


The introduction starts by giving you a great visualization of the difference in making success and quitting. Edwin C. Barnes kept his goal and won by starting out as Edisons helper, while an uncle of R.U Darby went to look for gold and quit just 3 feet away from it. The difference in the two stories gives many reasons to stay with this book and complete it.

When reading this book remember to have pen and paper ready since there are quite a few tasks to answer and notes you have to make. The amount of information is huge and har to remember so use the book as a workbook, not as a furniture.

Napoleon brings us further along and into Desire, “the starting poing of all achievements and the first step toward riches”, will bring you to understand that in order to get something you have to want something bad enough. The story of the officer that made his men burn all ships when the enemy came so that they had to win in order to get home, is an example of how to generate desire in yourself and those around you. The highly personal story regarding his son that was deaf at birth but did aquire hearing through aids and then became wealthy by working for the producer and developer is included. The desire  of Napoleon and his son to gain his hearing back is a highly effective story on how to “stick with your guns”.

The third chapter, FAITH, Visualization of and belief in attainment of desire. The fact that faith is not a result of luck will be made clear in this section, faith and desire work hand in hand with self confidence in order to start the acheivements in life. This chapter also includes a self confidence formula to help you gain more traction towards success. One example in this chapter is how the monumental United States steel corporation was born by Charles M. Schwab out of an idea.


The chapter of auto suggestion is really a way of telling the reader how to make you mind talk about your goal automaticly, it describes a way of repeating a goal in such a manner that the brain keeps repeating it by itself. Just like bad thoughts may give lack of acheivements will the creative thoughts fuel the successfull person. Stick with his instructions and it should start to change your thoughts about getting what you want in life.

Specialized knowledge only becomes power when and if it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end. In other words, whatever you know will not be to any use unless it becomes organized. This is one reason why anyone may succeed in life since the ability to make use of knowledge may be very different from the ability to gain knowledge. Someone in a wheelchair may be more successfull than a mountain climber since one knows how to organize and direct his knowledge and the next chapter ties into this one. Synthetic and creative imagination, the synthetic re-works the ideas and concepts into new ones while the creative one will be the one in use when a hunch or ideas is set into life and makes new markets or merchandice. A modern example would be how the established car manufaturers worked on re-building the old way of energy and one day Elon Musk and Tesla created a sustainable solution that was in contrast with the synthetic way of doing it. In the book the idea and imagination that startet Coca Cola is explained as an example of successfull use of the mind and knowledge.

The part of Organized Planning gives the traction for your new goals and acheivements of them, this is where you will get the tasks that practicly will start the creation of your desires. Instructions on how to build plans and a explanation of the important factors in leadership (since you will have to lead someone to assist you in gaining your goal) and an even longer list of the most common failures of leadership is to find in this chapter. How to get a position you desire, how to write a CV and other factors that has to be set into a system in order to progress will be worked through. This may take some time and a couple of times of reading it before everything sticks in anyones brain since the information is vast!! It even contain a section of self-analyzing yourself and this may bring some clarity and surprises in anyones life, it is not everyday we ask ourselves the direct questions in our life.

Decision, or lack of it is a make or brake point in life. Of the 500 people Napoleon worked with, nearly all of them put the lack of making decisions as a major cause of failure in life. To many people procrastinate (the oposite of decision) and loose as a result of it. The fact that most people sway in the performance of the decicion due to other peoples opinions, and how to work this out for yourself will be covered here. Stick with it and follow through!! How the Declaration of Independence came about and the founding of USA as we see it to day is an essential story in this chapter, and in reality it took the persistence of only  a few persons to change the world. This story alone is a reason to get the book. And Persistence is the mix of will-power and desire that used to make a steam move a freight train, This skill is what keeps someone going even after being rejected for an idea a hundred times, when most people quit the ones with persistence will keep it alive long enough to make a breakthrough and mastering persistence may pay off very well!!

The four steps of develop persistence:

  1. A definite purpose backed up by burning desire
  2. Definite plan, expressed in continous action
  3. A mind closed against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions from anyone.
  4. A friendly alliance whit one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with plan and purpose

In chapter 10 the Power of Mastermind is explained and what it really is. A mastermind is created as a separate mind that all the people in a group can access and creates the ultimate cooperation between members in the group. It will give the nowledge of why people in the group can work efficiently towards your goal and acheivement. When he moves on to explaining that Sex transmutation means the swithcing of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature in chapter 11. This part deals a lot with what we today calls “carisma” and body language of people and how this may be altered with our thoughts. Appearance, tone of voice, posture and how we dress is all a part of how the rest of the world deals with us. A lot of the transmutation is controlled by chapter 12, the subconcious mind that dictates how we react to the surroundings and our habbits in dealing with situations. Emotions either positive or negative is programed in this part and in order to succeed Napoleon goes through the list of the good and bad ones in order to help you out in the best way possible.

We are getting closer to the end of the book when the Brain is in the focus of Napoleon and compared to the research we have on brains today this chapter comes out a little bit short. Not hard to understand since a hundred years of research will change our knowledge a lot!! However the fact that the brain is a switching station and a remarkable instrument that puts every piece of knowledge into usefull functions and even the area of telepathy has its own part in the chapter to make it usefull and raise some questions to all of us. The sixt sense that Napoleon explains thoroughly with examples from Edisson, Emoerson, Darwin, Lincoln and more is how a person can feel and interact with people that is not present. Many people would call this a ghost or a extraordinary activity, but when reading the chapter it does make sense in many ways and Napoleon Hills way of explaining the facts are very realistic. Sometimes the book feels more like a move than anything else. The last chapter of about 30 pages will in detail work with the reader to overcome six fears that anyone will face at some point. The fact that this chapter contains 30 pages explains how important this task will be in obtaining the set achievement.

The fears are:

  1. fear of poverty
  2. fear of critisicm
  3. fear of ill health
  4. fear of loss of lof of someone
  5. fear of old age
  6. fear of death

Every fear is explained separate and stories mixed with knowledge to build understanding goes along and teaches the reader a great deal. A self-examining list so the reader can do some research on him/her self is added towards the end of the chapter and fifty-seven alibis to avoid achieving goals are added as a checklist, and again it may just open the eyes for who you really are while reading the book.

After working through the book and getting a lot of knowledge I have to say that it did change me. In some areas the book may show a bit of age however this is the real deal and the ways that worked when people had less than today. There are no question in my mind that the book will hold its promises and change lives on most occations and even spark the desire of wanting to know more. Not many dare to go for the dream and the life that leads to it, most people stick with the limits of others and never gets going. This book, despite its age, will set something of in the reader that keeps on growing and I do love to read it more than once.

After the chapters, there is a session on How to create the master mind and even a few pages with additional inspiration and assistance for the reader. There is no doubt that the book has been made in the best way possible and the reason for it being a really big seller even today is obvious, for the once that wants to advance in life it will be a solid foundation for anything you ever may do in the future.



How to be happy

The basics of happiness

What is it really to be happy and how can someone become happier and if you felt like happiness dissappeared, how do you become happy again?

First let us start out with a definition from

adjective, hap·pi·er, hap·pi·est.

  1. delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing:to be happy to see a person.
  2. characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy:a happy mood; a happy frame of mind.
  3. favored by fortune; fortunate or lucky:a happy, fruitful land.See Synonym Study at fortunate.

To be happy is a state of your mind that happens in this moment and it is closely related to being great full. The thing is that happiness is a state that is present right now and can not be anticipated.

My mom have had cancer and earlier this week she was awaiting the results of even more tests, the hospital made the agreement that they would call her the day they had the answer to the tests and if the suspicious spot was confirmed more cancer. I was ready to go as soon as the hospital called her and take her to the hospital whenever needed.

Hospital called and there was no reason to come, the spot was not cancer or dangerous in any way. The happiness she felt was just out of this world, the feeling of getting life back and have any reason to plan a trip to her daughter in Texas (we live in Norway) filled her with energy. No planning or guessing could create this happiness since the worry of an oposite answer from the hospital would alway be present in forecasting the result.

People suck at planning and rarely do the plan turn out in any way it should and this also goes for trying to feel happy for something in the future. The true happiness happens right now in this second, and it starts with being great full for what you have. However, in order to become happy there has to be balance in some areas of life that will give us the good feeling.


In life you will need:

1. Happiness coming from supporting outer life of those around you

2. Happiness developed when you are grateful and experience yourself within a meaningful community

3. Happiness that exists in your own separate creative inner life

4. Happiness that exists from outer life as an individual achieving results

They all need to be a part of your life in order for you to understand what happiness really is.

If you miss one or more of the ways to be happy then make it a goal to change it!! Become a member in a new community, make painting, dare to talk to a stranger.

Think about your own life and pick out one part that may not be fulfilled in your life. My own missing area will be number 2 and 3 since my habit usually turns into helping others and this makes me feel happy, however when I need the support is it not there since I did not care enough about to stay in a uplifting community. I need to work on 2 and 3, what would be your response to it?



Wayne Dyer:

Most People are searching for happiness. They’re looking for it. They’re trying to find it in someone or something outside of themselves. That’s a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something that you are, and it comes from the way you think.


One of the simplest ways to be happy is to let go of what makes you sad.

Dr. Steve Maraboli

Happiness is found in the simplest of things

Happiness is found in great fullness,

in a kept promise

in a great conversation

in friendship

in achieved goals

in a fond memory

In all the simple magnificence of life

John Lennon:

When I was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life”

Woody Allen:

The talent of being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t have

Please understand that being happy is a choice and habit!!

Choose to help those around you

Choose to be around people who will add value and energy to your life

Choose to let your creativity express itself.

Choose to set a dream and goals that you can work on and get the happy feeling of achieving.

The simplest thing can change your experience of something, what would be the case if you didn’t have air to breathe? How about being great full to the nature producing your life bringing oxygen?

When someone hands you a birthday present that you don’t like then be great full for having someone that thinks of you and spend time and money to make you happy. If a present in ugly then don’t blame the giver, the giver most likely did not make it anyway.

So how to be happy is not that hard however there may be habits and old ways to live you need to change. Be great full for what you have and who you are right now!! Be great full since you will be able to change what needs to be changed !!


Start right now with writing down 10 things you are great full for, 3 people you admire and forgive yourself for 2 things in the past that does not make sense to drag along in life. Then go outside and listen to the sounds, smell the air and the life itself that goes on around you, that you more than likely never pay attention to. Happiness is a product of gratitude of what you have, acheive and what life itself brings along for you to enjoy. 



Why should I quit to

  • Make someone happy
  • Make more money
  • Learn a new task
  • Dream about my future
  • Live my own life
  • Go for what really matters in life
  • Meet my old drinking buddies
  • Have an afternoon with Red Wine and a good meal with my friends
  • Change my life in the direction that makes me more happy
  • Spend time with my kids
  • Fight for my right to see my kids


I believe that one of more of the remarks above do hit home with most people that reads this blog, not because of the question however there are just too many people that have those feelings without asking themselves if it is a way out of it.



First we all need to add a dose of reality since life and situations change all the time and at a very high speed, however the question that remains should be if it really is necessary to hang on to all the changes. My former girlfriend tried to be doctor, gardener, entrepreneur, interior planner, facebook expert, family advisor and a lot more and to say the least, nothing was done in a great way. Google is the best tool in the world to find knowledge and I admire all the work that search engines do for us, but remember you will always get the result that fits your own thinking the best.

If you believe that cucumber will cure cancer then great!! Just do not type in “how do cucumber save cancer” and go with everything it says and drop going to the doctor. The reason is simply that more than likely can a doctor with his connections and team (I know there are good options, however this is where the baseline of a treatment stars) will do a better job than yourself with cucumber. So how about letting the doctor take care of the illness and you keep working on your dream? If you make it through then it will be a very good reason to celebrate the fact that your dream has advanced and lives on and you can keep on working on it.

The reason why you should quit to do a lot of the things you are doing is simply that someone else will help you faster, cheaper if you ask than you could ever do yourself.

How many guys didn’t buy drills, screws, wood, hardware and spent a ton of time making a fence when it would cost exactly the same if they just traded the drill and hardware for paying someone for the labour of making the fence.

So sometimes you should quit what you are doing and rather exchange the time spent with spending more time with what you want.



One of your subconscious senses is to reason and don’t forget this part. Ask yourself the reason for why you are doing some things in life and most will not make sense. I do have a personal coach and the last time we had a session we talked about how I spend my time. We concluded that if I keep educating myself in the present rate it will take about 4 years to get the job done. If the rate is increased slightly it will take about 2 years and the last 2 years I will make money on it. That makes a lot more sense!!

I would advise you to make a list of all the things you do and when you feel the list is complete then put a number next to them with priority. Put the top 4 items on a sheet of paper and hide the other one in a place where it is not easy to spot. The top 4 list will help you gain some focus.

Your brain will now start working much like a real life google and look for ways to work on this top list and your “job” will be to look into the answers that show up in your mind.  The trick is to search for people with the knowledge you need and someone who actually have done it before you, find some books that will help you on the topics and start making small goals i.e “call a personal trainer” if you have a fitness goal or “talk to a bar owner” if you would like to start a bar.

My top 2 on the list is to 1. Get a better house for my kids and 2. Get a new career (coaching). This does not cancel the fact that my lawn has to get mowed (wich is probably number 15 on the list), it simply states that instead of doing the lawn every 5 days it can be done every 10 while I get my career going. If I spend 1 more hour a day on my career and my kids has to play on their own then fine, I do not have to quit playing with the kids but just do it smarter. And then you will quit doing some things completely, but they didn’t add any value to your life anyhow.

One of my real problems is the fact that I do not quit soon enough and stay with tasks that has now value. I used to say “I am not a quitter, I just don’t know how to work on the right topics”. And this is very true. Make sure you know your values in life and work on finding out why you are here!!! There has to be a better reason for you to be on this earth than to just be born, live how everyone else expect you to and then die.

A lot of people (me included) tends to stick with the same work, hobby or interest simply because they do not want to loose friends and support. The fact is that if something in life changes then you will find support for it, not likely to be the same people and places than before but there will be more friends and support.

With some research and new knowledge you will start to support yourself!! And this is very cool. When you change the world change with you, find your favourite dream and go on Facebook and make a search for a group made for it. More than likely you will find someone else in the world that will work with you in winning your dream!! You may find yourself alone in making your choices, but someone made them before you and will help. And if no one made them before you, patent it and sell it!! Should you stumble upon some idea the world needs and has not been covered then quit a lot of what you are doing and go for it.



Highly personal question, however the baseline is that somehow you decided to do it. It may not have been something you really gave a lot of thought to and really gave you a benefit.

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Money
  • Weather
  • Not enough support
  • Someone talked you into something else
  • You became a parent
  • Someone else did it better
  • You decided before even trying that it would not work out for you

Just add to the list what fits your reasons for not living your own life, but at some point you most likely found someone elses opinion to be worth more than your own. And made a choice. Dan Lok puts it rather perfect, “you don’t need more money, you need a better strategy”. Try to replace the obstacle with a strategy and see what happens……



It is fine to give up on almost anything in life because it will be traded into something else more or less valuable. I have always said the phrase “regardless of where you are and what the circumstances I will spend my time on something”. Do you watch TV just because it is on, your partner likes the show, the weather is not perfect or any other excuse. Watch the shows that add value to your life and skip the rest!! If you like working out then Ninja Warrior may be of interest, but if you would like to work on how to build a piece of furniture then it will not bring you any closer to the goal. Sometimes you will have to compromize in order to make relationships work however do not make other peoples habbits your own if it makes you give up on your own values and future goals.

Go and read a book somewhere when the TV is on no value, if you find a book being the wrong kind then swap it with a different one. However needs to work through a boring chapter in a book in order to get a complete understanding and value out of it. An obstacle on the way to your goal is just a way of life to make you better in working through resistance.

But you have to find your values!!!

This will be the most important guide in stoping the habbit to quit on the wrong things. Your life, your ideas, your cost, your choice, your victory, your success, your failure, your increased knowledge, your old age. Don’t regret them! Go for your own values!!



Or rather, how do I find my values.

This is the first mistake most people do in the search for themselves. Your values are already in your DNA, blood, mind and soul. Look inside yourself and relax, then go out in the real world and look at the ideas that you found in yourself. This homepage is created simply due to the fact that my very best value is to help others get a better life, and this homepage is (as you guessed:-)) for people of all cultures and corners of the world. I have even worked with many types of animals (horses, cows, dogs, cats etc) and even then I get the most value out of seeing the increase in life they obtain with me.

Right now I have no clue regarding who you are. Some truck drivers loves to deliver a load of lumber to a new house and would never trade it for anything just like some doctors finds the most value in doing brain surgery and change lives in their own way. What your value is and when you will discover it can not be decided but when you find it you will know. When you know it, dare to act on it, when you act on it don’t stop progressing. Sometimes the progress may slow down or take an unexpected turn, however with your value backing you up it will be close to impossible to quit!!

Go somewhere quiet where no one is watching or disturbing, do this multiple times and write down the ideas you get for what gives you value and the feeling of being “home” in yourself. You will at some point find the reason for you being here, what your values are and why you do what you do. It will help you help others in some way to get better and acheive more. Just sit down and let it come to you, just like a scared horse will slowly start to trust you and eventually smell your face and become a life long friend, so shall your values start to trust you.

There is a true statement: “You have the right do anything at any time or anywhere, as long as you don’t violate the rights of others”.



We are all individuals and the final anwer will differ with the values, however the best answer to give you would be to know yourself and your values. Get a few books or ebooks on the topic and start expanding your mind, invest in yourself!!

I do prefer buying a book rather than just doing online research and the reason is that in the beginning, it will be very tempting to click on a add or search for a better answer. When you start a book then make up your mind to finish it, within a book you will not find ads or something flashing to destroy your focus. This gives you the complete picture!! If you didn’t like the book then read it once and give it away to someone, if you liked it then read it again with a pen and paper ready to make notes and remarks in the book.

But you most likely quit because what you are doing does not match your values without you really knowing it. If one of your top values are to provide for the kids, then you will find ways to do this or any other topic. And when you find your purpose it will show you how to fullfill your life and create someting more than yourself since you can not fullfill yourself without help of others.

Another great investment in yourself should include some kind of personal and continuing assistance, and you may find help in this review of Bob Proctor and his team.

So you should quit spending any major time of your life on things that do not matter, this keeps you going and gives you time to spend on what you desire.

Sounds easy, but it will take effort!!






Six minutes to success by Bob Proctor review



To review anything by Bob Proctor is a challenge and an honor at the same time. Bob has transformed so many million lives through various channels for more than 50 years, according to himself there are no one in the business with more years of experience in PD than himself. And I believe it. He and his team has given a lot of people the oportunity to change and improve their life, however as Napoleon Hill put it, education is a persons ability to make the best of the information given to him or her. Many people confuse education with what the teacher is telling someone, however teaching is worthless if the receiver do not expand and work with it.

I may be mentioning Bob Proctor mostly, but make no mistake regarding the fact that Proctor Gallagher Institute is the actual provider of the courses, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher joined forces a few years back and Bob’s experience in personal development and Sandys experience in scaling, running and making a successfull business has fuelled both of them, and the PGI team as well. Living by example, another known quote is “no one has done anything of any consequence by themselves, we all need help”.

So, do you know someone – perhaps yourself, friend of family that feels stuck in life or would benefit from improving? Maybe earning more money, improving a relationship, adding self confidence and value in order to fulfill their life in a richer way…. Then this may just be the turningpoint.




The six minutes to success program is a life changing experience and it will only set you back $1 for a two week trial, most people continue with the Premium membership however there are cheaper options available. What it gives you in return is the chance of a completely different life and the beginning of a fresh start in many ways.

Bob Proctor started out as a boat without a rudder and at the age of 26 his first mentor appears in his life, understanding the potential in the boy he had a pretty clear message to Mr. Proctor. “if you do exactly as I tell you, you can have anything you want in life”. This has been one of the red lines in the rest of his life, he will be very happy to show you how to get the best life ever possible, and he will do it with pride. The book that got him startet, Think And Grow Rich has played a major part in the progress and establishing PGI. Following the Six Minutes to Success will over time be a coaching partner that changes Your view on the life you are living, every day a new Six Minute event will be given to you and may bring you closer to a life that you may not even you could live. Having a mentor and a partner to add value to your life on a steady pace is valuable beyond the money paid for it.

Once I started listening to Bob Proctor and what he had to say really changed my perception on everything, there is a huge difference in having someone (usually parents or wife) suggesting a career versus discovering it for yourself. The day you tell yourself what you really are ready to do and start to imagine that there are more solutions to it than problems, that will be the day to change every angle of life. And Bob Proctor (and the Proctor Gallagher Institute along with him) will be able to keep this coming for you, but you have to do it exactly as they tell you, and you have to commit to improving your life.

If you look at the price as an isolated cost it should not scare to many since there are options. $1 for a 2 week trial and the option of            $ 29.97 or $ 99.97

One of the benefits regarding to  the online service business is that it usually comes with a free or cheap trial, if we turn back the clock a few years and before “everything” was available online it would be no regret if a program did not fit or work out. This is luckily a thing of the past. Getting startet for $1 will make it worth for you to create your own opinion on the program.


So what do the program give you when you have started the Success journey:

  1. Startup kit with videos to give you the basis and understanding on how to get the most out of Six Minutes to Success
  2. Action Planner, to get your thoughts working faster and better
  3. Daily Video: EVERY day through the year a new video that works as the key for the chainlock in your life. Money, Health, Relationships and much more is covered.
  4. Audio files: The Audio from the daily video available as a MP3 Audio in order to make it available without a screen available.
  5. Transcripts: Everything Bob is teaching will be handed to you in written form so it is easier to make notes and personal remarks if preferred.
  6. Monthly Q&A webinar with Bob Proctor in case you need his answer to your personal question. This is only a Premium Member offer.


Quick facts:


  • World leading mentor leading the course
  • Available on multiple formats
  • Will deliver mentoring for a long period which is needed in order to change habits
  • PGI (Proctor Gallagher Institute) production
  • Program have been running for years and is proven to keep its promise



Choose your choices

Where would you like to go? Remember the fact that once you believe it, you may actually go anywhere and do anything at any time of your life. To quote Earl Nightingale: “Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal”. As the quote in my opinion is exactly what life is about and those who do not grow either gets left behind or perish in some way.

The best options are sometimes really hard to figure out and this is where personal development means, and in some cases this is not just to progress your current career since at some point in life it may be wise to go a completely different direction. The link between what was and what is coming will always only be through yourself, and every choice in life will reflect that fact. If you eat chocolate instead of bananas since chocolate is cheaper and you have always done, it may be the most expensive investment and destructive choice ever made. If you start eating bananas since you would like to avoid expensive health care in the future, this may be a way cheaper choice (and better in many ways).


I Always refer to my Granddad (His name was Bjarne, fairly common name in Norway). He did get diabetes at around 50 years of age. I remember being at a party he was hosting for the whole family and friends and as usual there was candy on the table. I picked up the bowl of chocolate and ask if he wanted one. He answered wisely that he did not since he had diabetes, he stayed with us until the age of 94 years old. My dad did get the same diagnosis at about the same age however there was no respect in his mind for caring about his body. He did not alter his diet in any way and was really ill the last 5-6 years of his life, and passed away 64 Years old. His dad got 50% more life to live due to changes he made for the future and being respectful to himself.


I did not stop eating candy, however it made me consume a lot less and my future is based a lot more on living a good life. And life do not come with a guarantee of old age, however it may provide the best life you can possibly live for as long as you live. Sometimes it is wise to get someone outside your normal social network to help you write the new map. There is no problem without a solution, so close your eyes and let yourself dream up a perfect life. Do it 4 times a day, 1 when waking up, 1 when going to sleep and 2 more during the day. It may take a while, however who you really want to be and become will come to you. Some people have their dream life and would like to expand it, some need a total transformation. Where would you like to enter?


Small ideas for making the change

QUITE HONESTLY, the best therapy is given by yourself. My problem is not that I am a quitter, actually it is the oposite. I never quit, I just didn’t learn how to start with the right things!!

I should have learned that lesson many years ago while training horses in NJ. The farmer was a very talented man and told me that when training horses one of the main foundations was to not rely and think about the past. The actual problem the horse has today will be the guide to the solution. It is important to fix todays problem, not yesterdays. 



Bob Proctor (and his institute) have this really well explained. We forget the functions of the subconcious mind that really make up our physical signature. Their way of explaining the reason why people remain the same gives the foundation to fix the problems. 

The essence of the paradigm is that most people go by the habbits of the previous generations and in doing so, stay in the same situation as the previous one. Those who make it better than the previous generation had to alter the way they do something. Examples are many of those who had a poor dad and instead of following his happits, created a different reality/solution and became rich. Other may have met a person that changed their life, the reason for the change is that your habbits changed. Your perception about something being dangerous have moved to becoming a business idea.

I would suggest that you write down 3 habbits that your parents also had, do you keep it by choice? Would it be wise, in your situation, to revise it and do it differently?



Tony Robbins puts this line very well when saying “identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.

The solution, to me, is almost always in the Intuition. Try mixing intuition with Will power and focus and see what happens.



Morten Krogvold (famous Norwegian photographer) frequently takes a trip on a train, just to think and be by himself. I do believe it is important to figure out yourself. And this do not come from someone else telling you what would be the best for you. It comes from you telling you what you want and why. I am a strong fan of using my own problem to help others with their problem.



Important part of self care. I did watch a TV program the other day where it was explained that most people have this definition wrong. To many people would like to be the best and push themself through it.

Most people would however benefit more from doing the workouts with a mentality of just having a better tomorrow. There is a difference in preparing youself to enjoy kids, grandkids or even just waking up or doing it to win a race.

If your aim is to win a race, by all means I would be the first to encourage you to put all effort into it, however if the goal really just would be to be able to love life a bit longer (or better), then your focus should go biking to relax and not go for the gold medal in biking. Your gold medal may be somewhere else. 






The amazing nature is ready for you room