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How do I transform my life

This is really a task that more people should work on, most people accepts reality instead of challenge it and make their own path. The fact that you are searching for how to change your life is really important and in itself a turningpoint, this page will be designed to help you out simply because I am in the same situation and have decided to help others while changing my self.

And there is no shortage of quotes that is supposed to make you feel good, however it only last for a few seconds and then life is back to the same old. I have probably read 1000 quotes and the intention is absolutely great, however it is just like trying to hang a jacket on a wall without having something on the wall that actually holds the jacket.

So how DO you transform your life?

I have started with five points:

  1. 10x Challenge with Grant Cardone did put a lot of things in it’s place
  2. Setting my goals and making them so big that I need targets along the way.
  3. Scheduling my week
  4. Starting this page in order to show people it can be done and help them do the same
  5. Joining a course with Frank Kern, one of the Gurus in online marketing

So I would recommend you start with setting your goals. Imagine yourself on the screen of a movie displaying your life 5 years from now. Write down BY HAND what you imagine. Maybe you have a skill uncovered, dream house, dream place to live, the perfect partner, car etc.

This is the beginning of your journey.

Target vs. Goals

Let us imagine that you want a new house but can not afford it. Then the house becomes your goal and it is time to set the targets.

Goal: Buy a new house within 6 months

A goal can be anything you choose but pick a bigger goal than you feel comfortable with. If a goal is to become a photographer then make the goal: I will become the best photographer the world have ever seen”. Want a house? “My house will have room and features that supports the life I want to live”.


A target is a fraction of your goal that will make the goal become real. Imangine a brick wall where the goal is a complete wall and the targets will be each brick and every layer of bricks that, at the end, will become the wall.

The targets will be to acheive what you do not have in order to buy or build the house, and it is most likely money. However sometimes it may be friends that hold you back or even a partner that thinks that your goal is unrealistic.

If you are missing money then one target will be to help people solve a problem in order to make the money.

So Target number 1: Help people in order to make money. If you already have a skill or a job that can make you money then increase what you do or start doing it for people that will pay you more money.

Target number 2: Do not waste attention or money on something or someone that do not benefit your goal

Target number 3: have x ammount of money within 3 month


Commitment and work ethic:

Let us use myself as an example. My business went bankrupt in 2020 and it did cost a whole bunch of money and forced me to accept that I did some bad choices in order for it to happen. Bad choices will always be a part of life so I have to accept it.

My choice for 2021 is to help more people with the skills I have. One skill is to bring out a better version of people, another is photography and both will be important for the future. I do have a regular job which will be replaced the second an option shows up, and looking into more streams of income is one of the ways to do this.

However to change or build anything it will require commitment and work ethic and since xmas only comes once a year it will demand your effort. BUT it will be rewarding and once a goal have been acheived you will have a new foundation and confidence to go for the next.

Get up every day and work towards your goal, reward yourself when there is more money in the bank and the evidence of progression is present.

This will demand something of you that you have not experienced before so join groups or people that have done the same thing or more. This will help you. I have cleaned my facebook by removing groups and friends for the benefit of groups and people who will give me knowledge needed to acheive next level.

I now work on a 90 day challenge for myself and it really is scary because it will be goals that feels way to big, however it is goals that someone on this planet would laugh at and probably acheive on a daily basis. Those are the people I want to find and learn from. And it shall be done!


Start writing down what you want in life right now. Do not include anyone else in the dreams yet, just put “This is what I want in my life:” on top of a piece of paper and start a list. You will surprise yourself.

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