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My cousine has a old log wall incorporated into his new house and it is really just part of a wall. Today I visited a customer and she told some stories regarding her husband flying mosquito airplanes during the same war. Part of his job was to fly on the border of Russia just so Norway would tell the Russians that they still claimed the rights for their country.

The year is 1941 and the 2nd WW is gaining momentum in Norway and the German tanks came rolling along a dirt road about 200 yards from my granddads house. He was just a little kid and when the machine guns fired their bullits through their house and into the back wall it was time for everyone to run into the basement. Sitting in the basement, then being about 12 years old my granddad and his smaller sister hides as the ground shakes and the tanks rolls infront of the house. The German soldiers opens the door to the house, checks everywhere for people but find no one. That is, one soldier do find someone.

A soldier opens the door to the basement and the kids starts to cry. Who was in the door that day we will never know however when hearing the cry he just closed the door, walked out of the house and left with his fellow men back into the war.

No question that the soldier had a heart that was more important than his machine gun!!!

You being alive is against the odds

Did you ever thing about how lucky you are to 1. be alive and 2. being born as a human that can alter life itself? If you became a potato instead of a human it would change a lot!!! And the dangers of living exeeds the chances of living every single day!!

And yet you are here, able to make a new day and alter everything you choose based on choices given. And we still complain about the weather.

Look upon it really pessimistic and every time you meet a car it is great to not be unlucky, when eating food you don’t chocke on it or get sick. Someone in the neighbourhood got robbed and it was not you it happened to. This is just e few things to really make you feel lucky to be alive.

The shift to reason

In my case it is based on pure compassion regarding being who I am and actually being alive. If that German soldier had followed orders my path would have changed completely. I may not even have been given the chance to live.

It is if there is a reason somewhere and I may very well discover it one day. The reason to be alive, and the answer to it is firmly embedded into yourself. Some figure it out early and some late, those who don’t spend any time on it is missing something really cool.

When you starting to ask yourself the question “why I am here, what can I give to this world?” It will most likely be a very odd question in the beginning however it will evolve within you. Start writing down all the answers you get and before you know it the correct answer will be written down and it is time to get into action.

Go bet on yourself!! The fact that you can read this and your whole heritage has brought you to this very moment is remarkable and now it is your turn. Live your purpose like never before!! Get out there and enjoy!!

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