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Images on a website is important, however

The images you create while being here is more important than any image I can ever show you. And since this site is created for anyone, anywhere at any time it will be almost impossible to choose the right image.

Here’s my theory: No really good book (exept books on a physical subject) contains a lot of images since part of the experience of a book will always be for the reader to make their own images on their mind. The way Google and other search engines prefer to rank a page explains in a very basic way what is Google altorithms (and other search engines), and it really is a masterpiece of enginering and they do a great job getting you what you want when looking for a solution.

Part of how Google algorithms work is that they look for images on the homepages and in my case this site will be a bit oposite. If I put a lot of images on this website it may alter your images, and since this small piece of internet is made for you to get improved it would not work as good if I had pictures of my life on a blogg post.

An example:

If a reader grew up in the Bronx then a picture of kids playing on a farm would most likely be disturbing for the readers experience. After all, if you wants to change then what you want needs to be on your mind and not what someone else thinks you would like. I may just ruin your progress, just like a picture in a novel. In books with facts (cookbooks) would show the expected result, but your lifes cookbook will only be yours, and the expected results decided by yourself with your own images. Now close your eyes and start dreaming about your perfect future, I will do the same however they will be very different.





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