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Most people know the cenario where you pick up the phone to call a friend and this friend just happens to call you the same second. You may see the same number apearing often and in various places. It is your intuition at work. The intuition is the perception of something that kan not be picked up by the five concious senses. Millions of dollars have been made by people who “just got a hunch”, and followed it.

Intuition to me is feeling something that does not exist or can be proven, yet. And if you listen to it and make room for the feelings it gives it will most likely change almost everything around you over a period of time. My mom told a story many times that quite often, back on the farm they could hear her grand dad walk in to the hallway, take his coat off and put his shoes away. However when they went to take a look, he or none of his belongings was in the hall. A few minutes later, sure enough, he came walking in the door.

The intuition in this case created something so real that it was not a fantasy, and just like when you think of calling someone and they call you the same second, her grand dad came home.

The feeling that comes to you without logic and feels as the real life really have some powerfull energy to it. Because you send the same energy out and someone will pick up your thoughts and actions.


The part of  intuition is to tell someone about it since they will receive it and use their perception to “judge” it. In most cases it ends up negative simply because they do not get the same image in their mind most of the time quick action and trying out what the intuition suggests will be the best strategy.   It would equal to living in the moment.

This subconcious faculty work all the time, even in your dreams and anyone can make it a more important part of life by paying attention to it. Take a trip somewhere you can be left alone and look at any item an think “how could I make this in a different way”, the first solution that pops up will be your Intuition and if you can act on this flash of idea it may change your life. If the reason comes in first, how it may be done, it can not be improved, I am not smart enough etc. it will take a lot of will power to turn back to a solution. But pay attention to the very first impulse, act on it and never ask “how”. Just start working on it and let the intuition guide you through the challenges.

In my example, the intuition had been working for years however been surpressed at the same time. Once I got some perspective on my life and looked back, the reason for being here was crystal clear. Helping other people becoming more successful have been part of my life at all times. However I have not recognized it. Until now. And that is my reason for creating this site. There is no guarantee for Your result, however my duty in life is to try my best.

So take some time by yourself, turn off the phone, and ask the major and most important question in life. “Who do I really want to be?” Let your impulses work on the answer, but it may take a few attempts to get the response that aligns with your peace of mind. But once you get it, you really feel it!!




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