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Loosing weight

It really boils down to one simple thing. Do what is right for your body. Thats it!!!

I know that many people would like me to write a post of a thousand words to explain the how, but there are two main ingredients in loosing weight:

  1. Eat what your body finds usefull

Then you have to make a choice every time you eat something. Will it gain my weightloss and “new” me? If the answer is yes then you can go ahead and eat. If no, then go hungry for a bit until you find something that makes sense to eat. Most people that needs to loose weight can hold off 3o mins extra in order to eat what gets them closer to the goal. On my way home tonight it was 4 bananas on my menu and it feels great!!

2. Get moving!!! Basicly the same idea as the food. Just do what gets you closer to the ideal you can see in you mind. You will not run a marathon just because you have decided to do so, but run in shorter increments and it really picks up speed and momentum quick.

I agreed with the people at work to exersice once every tuesday along with them. The food and rest of the training will be completely up to me. My success and my failure, whatever the choosing.

I have been at 90kg before, the real challenge will be to stay there and expand on it. I already love the journey!!

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