My challenge

My challenge is to change my life into a life that I can accept and give me a success feeling.

I truly accept the fact that success can never be acheived since it will always change according to my expectations of life.

However, today, 30 Dec 2019 my life is not working out at all. My finances are crumbling, my work does not work out for me and my life standard is way below what I want.

So my challenge is to create a life situation that match the expectation that I see in my mind.

I did start working on imindset 2020 by PGI (Proctor Gallagher institute) in order to start working on my life. I do not know if this is the best program, but it is a start and it feels like grabing a piece of wood in order to start staying above water in a river. Now let us see if I will be able to change my life and make it worth living and enjoyable. The goal may be altered, however I will make charts to show the progress and work on ways to show you that it is actually happening. The order I write them down i not made of priority but of what comes to mind first. My belief is that no 3 and 4 will lead to number 1 and 2, however time will show.

The areas I would like to improve on are:

  1. House: Move into a house with enough rooms to my family. I want it to be old style however with a up to date function. I do like a style with the old look instead of the modern, squared and slick look. The house need some kind of a “soul”. This is within 6 months
  2. My income: It will support my life standard in a way that makes me free to do more of what I love. It is not a matter of stop working or being lazy. It is simply a matter of giving me the feeling of a safer future and being an stepping stone to live the life I choose. I need to make a plan for my finances within January 15th 2020 and start gaining knowledge on the rest.
  3. Who I know: My number of personal connections and relationships. Now the number of realtionships should increase some, however the quality and the reason for them will be the most important. What I need to do is to define my goals and connect with those who have acheived such a goal already.
  4. Health: My physical health needs to improve and the main reason for this is that currently my Sarcoidosis demands quite a bit of medication. To gain health and a body shape I can accept will contribute to better chances of acheiveing the goals above. This goal starts with 1 30 minute walk or more every day, I do like to work out at a gym. The first goal is to let go of 8 kg. in 1 month.

The work I have but into, and is currently adding onto really do change me and it will be interesting to see how I can make it last. This may be the REAL challenge and Bob Proctor states that you cannot change a result without changing yourself first. The result shows who you really are and what seeds you plant in your life.