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My story

Thank you for taking some time to check out this homepage. In order to make this usefull i may be important for you to know why this page was created in the first place.

Nothing would please me more than to help you out in improving your life and really start to live. To be honest with everyone it is no doubt that my own life, until lately, have been equal to a boat just drifting on open water that gets into a random port every now an then. But I also think that a lot of people feel the same, and if I could ever influence a child or a family to support a wealthy and concious life.

Have you ever asked your mom this question:

  • What is it that you regret in life not doing
  • Do you think your parents lived the life they really wanted?


I did ask the questions and it did lead us into a very good talk regarding the subject of living your own life. If my granddad had followed his own choice the path of our family would have been completely different. And there is no doubt in my mind that it would have been a lot better!!

My granddad ended up being a farmer because his dad talked him into it. At that point he had already started as a flight mechanic and loved his choice. How I wished he had kept his promise to himself!!!

I do not hold it against him because he most likely had the best of intentions, however it continued the habit of keeping the farm in the family. There is nothing wrong when someone follows in the footsteps of a relative, however doing if just to keep the relative quiet puts a questionmark on it.

What if he had sold it, gone for his dream and showed his children how to do the same?

How does your life fit into this story…….

So dare to live your life, and encourage others to do the same!! Greet people that dare something and salute them, assist them back and make them try again if they fail. We truly need people to step up to the front of their life and be proud of it.

I really wish that this small page in a vast world of internet can strike someone and make their life worth dying for.

Being satisfied the last day of a life has to be the ultimate goal.

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