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Prepare for your future


The best advice to give anyone that wants to grow in any way only contain three steps

  1. Dream big
  2. Get knowledge
  3. Action

Nothing is more rewarding to me than to watch someone reach a new milestone or achieve something new in life, and this is my way to try and help as many people as possible to do just that.

Most people do not even know that dreaming and having a fantasy is really what starts anything new, the problem would be that not enough people get to the “action”-part because the “knowledge” part seems too big. The reason it is too big is usually that we try to do things that someone else would do better than us. Just imagine Tom Cruise dealing with the camera, sound and acting at the same time. It would be impossible in the same way that a jet fighter pilot is not performing the mechanical work on the plane.

You have to settle with your part of the project.


Your dream is who you want to be and a lot of people are trying to find their purpose in life although the answer is not in front of their eyes!! It is behind the eyes.

It is in your dream.

Your dream and goal is really the same thing although people tend to give a goal more value than the dream. When Elon Musk put his mind to launch SpaceX it could not have been anything else than a fantasy. To make the progress and keep making it is controlled by him getting the dream into a goal that a team pulls towards.

The difference between a dream and a goal is that the goal is published and a team can see it and work towards it. The dream is only for the dreamer. If your dream is to write a book, then it is a dream until you at least acheives the aid of someone who either made a computer or a pencil. If you first would have to make the computer the whole ballgame would have changed, but since the computer at some point was someone elses dream it makes your journey a lot easier.

As you are reading this post there is most likely a submarine several thousands meter below the sea level and a aircraft equally high above the sea level.

Once a dream, now a goal. Once in a mind, now in progress.

Since you do not know anything about your future it is fair to consider any dream a bit one since no one knows if they will be able to fullfill it. And who knows how long it takes to realize the dream and finish the goal is equally unknown but in order to measure the progress it is very helpfull to have a timeframe and a date it should be complete.



Once a dream starts to make it’s way into the real world it becomes really essential to gain knowledge and often this comes in forms of books or online search. In todays world the information is “everywhere” in the form of video, blog, books, pdf, podcast although in my opinion the most important source is another human being. I do recommend reading “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill and the chapter that explains a Mastermind.

According to the book, a Mastermind is a mind created by two or  more people working together towards a result.

A book do contain a lot of knowledge and will definetly help you on the path towards your purpose and goal, however it seems to sometimes be a limiting factor if you try to perform everything in the book yourself.  Books are essential for inspiration and problem solving so it should always be a part of your life.

One can simply never achieve anything purely by one self. You can build your own house, but someone has to cut the wood or plant the trees that provides the wood. Even if it is nature itself.

A tree does not know how to read a book however in the cooperation with other sources it is capable to make leaves, berrys, apples, oxygen and a lot of other helpfull results. Knowing where the resources are is more important than to read all the books in a library. If the resources to a tree is missing (i.e wrong temperature) then the tree will simply not grow.

If someone wants to make a steel pipe but have no access to steel it will not happen. Read some books and find people with knowledge that will get you towards your dream, it is just like sunshine in the spring. It will give you the summer.



Action is when the train starts to move and just like a fire it starts slow and gains momentum. The same with the journey to your dream that have some knowledge attached to it. As you gain knowledge the speed will increase and the foundation will become larger.

Compare it to a pile of sand that you keep adding more sand to. It becomes wider at the base and grows taller once the base is big enough and if you stop working on it, it will deteriorate as time and nature takes it back. To maintain it will take less effort than constantly building it and if you ever find that moment you will feel wealthy. However most people quit before they are even close to reaching the potential height of the pile of sand.

Action is to find the only way to get as close as possible to fullfill your dream and sometimes it leads to people that can add something to your journey or show a quicker way to do it. Sometimes although people will try to stop your action in various ways and it will be very tempting to retreat and stop the action. Then ask yourself: “will this make me leave the pile of sand just so someone else can use it as free foundation”? You only quit due to others opinions if you do not have enough knowledge to keep your dream in front of you in your own mind. Because the dream is only yours and who you bring along on your own journey will define how close you will get to it.

Your dream is your soul talking to you, the knowledge is by choice.

Remember always: You can do it!

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To be continued.





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