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The problem is never in the goal!!!

You, as well as myself recognize the situation where a goal have been set and missed with confusion and even anger showing up on your doorstep. My latest miss was really a way to open my eyes towards a new solution to the problem, or should I say a new way of looking at multiple problems due to missing the goal!!

First of all, I have NOT lost my goal however the house that really tempted me was sold and in some sense the goal was not acheived. But it did give me a feeling of the famous song by Garth Brooks “The Dance”.

The story of me setting this goal is really that my two kids deserve a house with room for friends and a separate bedroom. I am greatfull for the fact that I already own my house although it is time so make thing right. The property had a small barn and a few more houses so my plan of making a tall climbing wall to my daughter, and a good size gaming/soccer room to my son would be within reach.

But that did not work out to well……


That a angel should fly along and just drop the money for it in my pocket or someone should just give me the keys to the house free of charge?

My mind started spinning. The goal that I could visualize was to be at the house and enjoying the view down in the valey below with a good cup of coffee and a big smile. The feeling of fullfillment would was also present. The whole thing was very real!!

So why is it now sold without me being the owner?

I know you have been there as well so keep on reading and let me show you some reality.


The goal was real enough and truly a great feeling, but let us get some facts on the table.

To reach a goal it has to be the result of something you did. If you would like to join a marathon the training would be the “something”, if you would like to become great at telling jokes then you have to read and memorize jokes.

If I was to own this house it would require me to: –

  • Move in to the house
  • Write a contract
  • Find the assets to buy the house
  • Check out the house and find that I like it
  • Wanting to buy a bigger/better house

So while I had everything right about the above list, one thing was the breaking point for the deal that really have made a change in how I think. I overlooked the fact that the assets had to be found and this is where the work is in order to make it.

We will continue in a few seconds however please make a similar list of the underlaying points of achieving your goal.

I found myself to have very strict rules to buy any property. 75% of it should be an asset in the form of renting out an apartement, storage in the barn or other solutions. Giving a bank full control over my property is not an option. Whenever you acheive a goal it is important that you have ownership, or the right to have it in order to use it as a foundation for the next one. Imagine reaching a goal just to loose it due to a “friend” that happens to sell his/her share of it to someone wanting to erase it again. Not smart!! You have to rely on other people in almost any case, and if the goal is truly yours (not something you want to acheive for someone else to be happy) then the ownership is yours forever.


No question, I missed the target. But as Jim Rohn says “you have to prepare for the right moment to arrive”.

This is now my way of getting ready ! There will be another house coming for sale that really will make my life even more complete so my goal is to get ready for it. I have never in my life managed to create enough resources or assets to be ready for a moment like that and it is my biggest mistake.

If I only did this or of I only did that……

So the loss gave me the luxury of finding out where my major problem is located and the conclusion is this:

  • Start with whatever recourses you have
  • Don’t sell yourself short
  • Write down all ideas that pop up in your mind
  • I will look for solution to the new goal wherever I go
  • Go for it regardless of other peoples opinion
  • The ultimate goal now is to gather knowledge and create more streams of income so the next time a dream house comes for sale i will walk over and sign the deal right away!!

You don’t miss a goal because of the size of the goal but rather due to the ignorance of what need to happen prior to acheiving the goal!

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