Small ideas for making the change

QUITE HONESTLY, the best therapy is given by yourself. My problem is not that I am a quitter, actually it is the oposite. I never quit, I just didn’t learn how to start with the right things!!

I should have learned that lesson many years ago while training horses in NJ. The farmer was a very talented man and told me that when training horses one of the main foundations was to not rely and think about the past. The actual problem the horse has today will be the guide to the solution. It is important to fix todays problem, not yesterdays. 



Bob Proctor (and his institute) have this really well explained. We forget the functions of the subconcious mind that really make up our physical signature. Their way of explaining the reason why people remain the same gives the foundation to fix the problems. 

The essence of the paradigm is that most people go by the habbits of the previous generations and in doing so, stay in the same situation as the previous one. Those who make it better than the previous generation had to alter the way they do something. Examples are many of those who had a poor dad and instead of following his happits, created a different reality/solution and became rich. Other may have met a person that changed their life, the reason for the change is that your habbits changed. Your perception about something being dangerous have moved to becoming a business idea.

I would suggest that you write down 3 habbits that your parents also had, do you keep it by choice? Would it be wise, in your situation, to revise it and do it differently?



Tony Robbins puts this line very well when saying “identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.

The solution, to me, is almost always in the Intuition. Try mixing intuition with Will power and focus and see what happens.



Morten Krogvold (famous Norwegian photographer) frequently takes a trip on a train, just to think and be by himself. I do believe it is important to figure out yourself. And this do not come from someone else telling you what would be the best for you. It comes from you telling you what you want and why. I am a strong fan of using my own problem to help others with their problem.



Important part of self care. I did watch a TV program the other day where it was explained that most people have this definition wrong. To many people would like to be the best and push themself through it.

Most people would however benefit more from doing the workouts with a mentality of just having a better tomorrow. There is a difference in preparing youself to enjoy kids, grandkids or even just waking up or doing it to win a race.

If your aim is to win a race, by all means I would be the first to encourage you to put all effort into it, however if the goal really just would be to be able to love life a bit longer (or better), then your focus should go biking to relax and not go for the gold medal in biking. Your gold medal may be somewhere else. 






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