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The inside denial

You are great! That’s what they and have always said about my photography skills. I have always liked to take pictures without knowing why, when I was about 13 years I took a picture in the Norwegian mountains that made me proud. It had snow, sun, mountains and everthing was in my mind perfect. My dad promised me that one of the pictures from this trip would be developed, enlarged and put on the wall. I showed him my proud picture and he picked another one and put it on the wall. Every time I walked by it my thoughts was “I do not get to show what I am proud of, instead what is on the wall would be another persons opinion”. Being young and going against my parents was not my strong side so the picture did not move from the wall. However it reminded me about the disapointment I felt.


I don’t know if this is the reason but for as long as my memory allows me to remember, it has been a small refusal or denial whenever someone talked in a good way about photography. And there is more than likely a lot of people that have the same issue. You want to do something but kills it right away, someone tell you that you are great at something however the positive impression is turned around in a second. You kill the idea and dream and steps on it just to make sure the estimate of it being wrong becomes a fact. WHY?

I do it all the time. How about making a checklist for your mind every time something pops up in your mind.

  1. Does it bring me closer to my goal: I not, then forget it. If yes do something with it right away!! AT LEAST write it down.
  2. If the idea might help someone else that you know just pass it on and let them have the benefit if they choose to do so.


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