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The self development jungle!

Let me be clear!! I did read a lot about personal development and Youtube, Facebook and similar channels have shown me a lot of ideas.

But ideas are nothing but a house drawing without a plot of land to build on. Once you find a place to build the house and actually owns the land it will be realistic to build. Or even buying a already built house will not be realistic without the ability to aqcuire enough money before and after the purchase.

The goal is always the result of a set of skills and/or knowledge shared with others.

I know all this and for years have listened to Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Will Smith, Bob Proctor and a whole bunch of people that without a doubt in my mind have the skills and knowledge to get me to another level. I feel very confident that a lot of people feel the same and most likely you will be one of them.

The difference on my part is that my mission on going from aqcuiring to excecuting has come. I simply have to since the promise to my 6 and 8 year old is to get them a house big enough so they can have their own room. My end goal is a lot bigger, however in order to make them believe in me it is my duty to walk the talk.


Creating the map

You and I are the creators of our own map and the truth is that we have no clue what the outcome or destination will be. However I think it is important to make sure to pick people that have a similar mindset and match your way of thinking at the level you are.

I was fortunate to join the 10x Challenge that Grand Cardone pulled off for free and it was a lesson in living and business mindset that really but my mental train on tracks. Things that used to be good hunches was but into a system and organized so I know where to start in order to find people that my idea can really help, and even to make money on it.

Grant (and his crew) is impressive with their privat jet, world class portofolio of real estate and the skillset that deserves the results they are creating. I would love to get somewhere close to that result, however I have to accept that in order to join GC on a deal will require somewhere arond 250K$ and it will be a while for me to get there.

Bob Proctor and his crew really seems to have a professional system in place and it is proven by many. I do believe he does have a masterpiece and to watch someone loving what they do as much as he does is really joyfull.

It remains me of a few years I had in New Jersey and one day when talking to a business owner he told me something important. His words “I do what I love and regardless of where I am or who I am with my life is my dream. I do not need a vacation, and doing what I do is the only thing I could ever imagine doing”.

Finding this “thing” is probably the most important in life and a life coach or the system that PGI (Proctor Gallagher Institute) have in place is highly likely to spot and develop this if you need help.

I have not tried much (except reading a couple of books) however it is recommended to check it and make up your own opinion.

I am on my second run with Frank Kern and one of his free workshops. His style and mindset seems to match mine and listening to recordings or interviews he has made. I currently work as a salesman and part of the job is to knock on doors, a very usefull skill if you ever want to market something! I hate knocking on doors however the ability to reach out to unknown people is valuable. Frank had the same beginning although he does have years of experience on me in becoming great in his skills. This is why he can teach me something, however the part on taking action will be on me.

Wayne Dyer also did an excellent job in making me see life in a different perspective and his Youtube videos have helped my brain a lot when it comes to connecting myself to myself, and in some sense look at the nature surrounding me when comparing my life to something else. I do recommend searching for Wayne Dyers story about the butterfly.

Tony Robbins has to be mentioned and you will find countless videos and information an this guy. He really has the energy and skills of getting your head to change lanes. He sometimes works as one of the systems on a train station that makes a train switch tracks in order to aim for a completely different destination. I have yet to read any of his books but it is definetly one of my next things to do. Check him out!

And then you have many others and my belief is that most likely your life will change drasticly regardless of who suits you the best to follow. I follow all of them, however Bob Proctor and lately the show called “the passionate few” have become favourites nowadays.


The selfish bastard!

Yes, I am talking about me!! And it really is a part of the truth. I don’t have enough income, few friends, breaking goals all the time and just can not seem to get my head above water!!

Grand Cardone said it right at one point. The most selfish thing you  can to is to be poor. And I agree, however the reason someone is poor will be one of three: 1. They suck at managing money, 2. They do not help anyone 3. They lack the skills needed in order to help people enough.

All three can be traced right back to my self. If I helped more people, more people would give me money for this help and money would not be an issue. Somewhere along the line I became a “slave” and comfortable with someone else paying at the restaurant or instead of making money to buy a computer I would find one for free. It was not always like that, however at some point the habit and ignorance got a hold of me and started chewing. But it is time to fight back.

I love helping people becoming better at what they love doing. I will explain this in a different blog, however in school it was alway me that took the lead and organized school trips, in NJ I loved the feeling when someone on a horseback got the right words spoken to them and finally broke through barriers and made new standards for themselves.

Photography is my big passion and what I will do regardless of time, place or income. What is yours? What is it that you would do for others even if it did not pay you anything.

Find out what it is. Delete all social media groups that does not match this and go looking for people that already have the skill. Find someone within personal development that “speaks your language” (this may change over time) and get into their ways of thinking in order to live the life you want. May be you want to become a nurse and, t help children, maybe a world class mechanic to fix equipment that can build a million homes, challenge Elon Musk to Mars or something else. Just like Bob Proctor says, “there is no big or small, there just is”. What is your “is”. Find it and do not compare it to others, just expand your own “is” and there you go. Personal Development in a nutshell.

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