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Turning my ship

I am the captain of my ship and the master of my fate

The quote that William Ernest Henley created is hard to live by sometimes however it is the truth. However it is fair to add the fact that Captains set the course decided by others but the Captain of my life does not have to be set by others.

2020 was really tough and what have kept me on the surface is actually hours of watching Youtube, Facebook groups and other outside aids.


I Don’t think so and it would not surprise me that millions of people are stuck and feels that life is just to hard sometimes and I really hope that those people may find this page and find something to learn in order to find their own spot.

I am not rich, actually my business went bankrupt in 2020, I am overweight and my job controls my entire life and it has to change. Even to write this is outside my comfort zone and works as a commitment to others than my self and adding a signature to my choices.

One of my weak spots is to commit to my decisions however this part of my life will now change as i write this and is the first steps towards my new life.




The change started during christmas as my goals was written in my daily journal. All my goals will not be public however I now weigh 109 kg and by March 1st I will be 95kg.

In order to make this happen I am now taking a walk every day and yesterday I actually started running for a short distance. My goal is not to enter a marathon or a physical event, however for now the 95kg is the only goal, enter any kind of competition may come later but by nature I am more of a creator than a competitive.

I also have become more observant of what I eat however the urge for sugar and chocolate is knocking on the door and is the current “fight”, however I did choose fruit instead of chocolate today and in order for you to change the areas of your life it will be necessary to sacrifice old commodities and habits.

I find that it does help to repeat my goals and to tell myself that “I will win this battle and the war”. My children will have a father to be proud of in the future. And you will never know how long you will live, however will be a lot better to live it in a good way for as long as possible.


Clean up your Social media friends list and your Social media groups list!!!

The great thing about social media is the ability to create connections with people and groups, although this is also a hidden disaster. You need people that will support you and have knowledge or resources that will help in the path going forward.

I deleted about 50 friends and 10 groups, however added a few new friends and 2 new groups. One group of stock trading and one that covers drones. Why? Because I want to know more about the theme and explore it. I love photography and want to learn more about drones and I want to find ways that my income can create it’s own income, it requires me to look into new solutions.


Another change is to decide that people and groups do not own me, getting used to releasing anything in life that do not serve the goals is a strange feeling. But makes room for new ways of living!!


Setting targets for tomorrow:

Every night I write down about 5 tasks for the next day, the plan is to make this into a weekly habit so there will be easier to create targets. When going to bed wednesday I will plan the next wednesday.

Typical tasks:

  1. 1hour walking
  2. 1 hour reading
  3. Work (and write down number of sales for each day)
  4. Checking finances (once or twice each week)
  5. Replacing/removing friends from Social media
  6. Check on goals
  7. Write down main goals

I do not do all of them every day and always leave some room for family and tasks that just show up from nowhere. The important part is to perform the tasks and if I do not get the time to walk for 1 hour I will walk for 30 minutes. I will perform the task even though the outcome changed slightly.



Go easy on yourself. But find the one change that would improve your life and write it down, then write down where you are today and where you see yourself in the best possible case in the future. Write everything down.

Then take a new piece of paper, write down the change/area of change and where you see yourself in the best possible case.

You now have your first goal.

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