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What are my personal values

Too many people think that value is measured in money but the truth is that they are two completely different opinions. Values in my mind equals the importance a person feel about a theme, item, people or anything that gives good or bad feelings.

The best example will show itself at an auction.

Imagine a shining Porche rolls up on the stand as the next item to be sold and you have 1 million dollars available however even though the price of the car “only” gets to 10 000 dollar and you do not bid on it. WHY?? You could buy multiple cars at that price!!

It does not contain the value you are looking for.

Next up is a rusty old motorbike that needs a lot of attention and the price quickly goes to 30 000 dollars. That’s when you start to bid, ending up paying 50 000 for it. WHY?? Wouldn’t it be better to buy 5 cars?

No, because they do not have the values you want to satisfy.

However it a person is not aware of how to aqcuire money then it will not have the chance to buy cars or motorbikes.

However, if someone wants to buy or do something they can not afford, then money becomes a highly valuable item to have.


Goals explains a lot about what values a person have within. One of my goals is to create a farm that will give families a chance to reconnect and children to open their eyes for the dreams and fantasy they should chase. Not enough people dare to chase the dream, however it is more of a bad happit and paradigms then clear thinking. We have the technology to drive a car on Mars!!! And for most people it is impressive that the front door of the house becomes keyless.

This goal explains some of my values and one of them is to see other people acheive something they did not even think about or imagined they could acheive. Other people may have a goal of getting the best Porche that money can buy in order to satisfy themselves. Nothing wrong with this since people are supposed to be different. If you get a chance, take a DISC- test and you will see that people are different. Some value painting their house, others may value more to have someone else to do it for them.

It just goes to show that there will be room for more daredevils and great thinking. People who value a dream and future more than the past. You may very well love something historical and enjoy working with it, but if you start showing your findings to others it will add value also to those who are willing to present it for the future.


Find out what you want in life. Take a piece of paper and write down what you really want in life and it will be what you value the most. Then number them from the most important to the least important. Some will value career more than family, some a new car more than a vacation and what your list will be is not up to anyone else to guess or determine.

Get your values right and a lot will be explained for you.



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