Let me explain this page really quick. I WANT TO CHANGE!!!!! I am really greatfull for most things in my life, but I have decided to set goals and reach them. And I want you to get the resources, connections, motivation and help as my life progress.

I am 46, close to zero money in the bank, own a house and a farm that are both run down and need complete refurbishing. I feel overweight (meaning that I do not stribe to get into a numeric perfect shape, I just want to feel good when getting out of bed), want to expand and improve my social relationships and really want to travel more with my kids.

How this page works

I will be really honest on this page. If I have a link or a suggestion about something it is something that have worked and are working. I will most likely stumble upon systems that are not working and will not talk it down, just simply remove it/replace it.

There will be affiliate links on this site and the reason is simple. I want to help you and I want to help those who help me. If I recommend a program it simply means that I paid for it, tried it and it is on my page. If you want to improve it will take the same, and I have plans to help a lot of people which will require money. And through effort and persistance it will most likely do the same for you.

My areas of improvement will be:

Increased income

Financial accountability

Physical health

Mental Health

Creating wealth (wealth to me is to have a chosen standard of living, and being able to utilize my best abilities so it benefit others)

Improving my skills of helping others

Social platforms:

I will start using only TikTok, however I am very open to all platforms and may expand at any given time if it makes sense.

Status 11 Aug 2022:

Income only from a regular job about 40K/Year

47 Years old

108 KG/176 cm

About 5 years since last regular workout in the gym

2 kids

Net worth 100 000$ (value of my assets – all debt)